Prison Riots: What’s Behind the Deadly Fights That Are on the Rise

The American prison system is one of the most luxurious systems in the world. A prison is still a place that most people would ever want to find themselves. But in America, the prisoners have it so much better than most of the prisoners of the world. So, when a prison riot breaks out over alleged problems many are left wondering if their claims are truthful or flat out lies.

When a prisoner is killed in prison many wonders where the breakdown was and why it was allowed to happen in the first place. In one Mississippi prison, several inmates have died because the inmates start a riot which ends up killing others within the halls of the prison.

When these prisoners committed their crimes and were found guilty, they knew what they were getting into. Their rights that they once enjoyed are no longer valid. They have to live in what they have made for themselves.

In America, prisoners have yard time, bathroom time, work time and many other programs that are designed to help them become better people. They are given at least three meals a day and time that they can communicate with loved ones on the outside. But that is not always the case in other prisons in the world.

American inmates have it really good given their circumstances. In the Bank Kwang Prison in Bangkok, Thailand, the prison is overcrowded and drastically underfunded. Many of the people there have been sentenced unfairly and abuse from other inmates is high.

For the first three months of a person’s time, they are left in shackles and not allowed to take them off. Prisoners are only given one meal which consists of rice and soup. The prison is run by gang leaders and the rest of the inmates work for them.

America’s worst prison pales in comparison to the worst in the world. The prisoners that riot does so for the fun of it. They are a bunch of gangsters that hate being penned up and told what to do.

They complain about a broken toilet and a dirty shower as if it were the end of the world. There are prisons out there that have no such facilities. At least they do not get beat by the guards as they do in the Thailand prison.

Some uniformed inmates are trying to sue the state of Mississippi for the conditions that they have to live in. If these men and women are tired of the conditions that they have put themselves into, maybe it’s time for them to grow up and stop living a life of crime in the free world.

The noise of the prisoners has not fallen on deaf ears. One official stated that “We have to turn the page. This is the first step, and I have asked the department to begin preparations to make it happen safely, justly and quickly.”

Referring to the changes that are going to take place in prison. There is no debate that there must be a humane solution to housing prisoners. But when American prisoners cry over their conditions, they have failed to see how good they have it in a bad place.

The prison in Mississippi does have issues. They are going to be dealt with in the future. But if the prison of America has gotten so bad, then one can only wonder about the prisons of other nations. In these prisons’ inmates do not get a shower a day or clean clothing. They are left to rot in their attire and fend for themselves. Many end up dying or severely sickened by the time they get out.

Tommy Taylor is the interim commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. He has noted that some prisoners were on lockdown because of the riot so that is why they couldn’t have their shower.

Showing once again that the prison must protect their officers, who have to go home at the end of the day to their families. The law enforcement officers of America are not given the thanks and the praise they deserve for what they do for this country. The nasty Democrats and liberals have made a spectacle out of nothing, so they can push their senseless agenda of socialism on everyone.