Puppet President: Terrifying Truth About Joe Biden REVEALED

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden ran his campaign for president from his Delaware basement because Biden’s handlers feared exposing the truth of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline to the American public.

The Biden campaign avoided even the most friendly news outlets – i.e., all of MSM – because they were terrified that candidate Joe Biden couldn’t go one minute in an unstaged environment before his mental gears jammed and issued sparks as Biden’s brain melted into a puddle.

“C’mon, man!” Like a cornered raccoon, Joe is always liable to lash out.

Joe Biden is the Emeril Lagasse of word salad. At any moment Joe Biden is liable to reminiscence about “Corn Pop,” flick his tongue like a lizard, and try to grab a little girl’s skirt. Sometimes all at once.

The White House Oval Office is the new Delaware basement for President Joe Biden. The risk of exposing Joe Biden to public scrutiny is too high.

You might compare Joe Biden to the Wizard of Oz who, once discovered behind the curtain, is revealed to be a fraud. This is accurate, except for that Joe Biden is more like a senior pet in a terrarium who is watered and fed by his handlers.

While President Trump and U.S. presidents of previous eras were willing to “mix it up” with the press, Biden has been unable to hold his own press conference for longer than fifteen minutes; all questions are pre-approved.

Any longer than fifteen minutes and Biden instinctively curls up for a nap behind the podium.

Whether or not they were destructive or beneficial to his political agenda, compare, for instance, President Trump’s marathon two-hour-long press conferences during which he fielded and combatted uniformly hostile questions from crazed rabid left “news” media prima donnas each one pathetically swinging with the totality of their might to try to take out President Trump with each “question” (read: deeply biased political statement), like miniature Barry Bond’s high on angel dust flailing to promote their demented anti-American program of lies.

While President Trump made hay of big rallies and live events staged for television audiences, Joe Biden is taking another track that instead uses stock and produced footage to make the appearance of overwhelming support.

The Biden campaign successfully manipulated America during the Democrat’s National Convention in August 2020, with the event itself replaced by an one-hundred percent virtual television broadcast.

When they were off-camera Democrat Party officials cursed the United States and stomped on the Constitution, but when the cameras turned on they waved American flags and smiled – effectively deceiving millions of Americans.

The Biden approach to public communication has been driven by the philosophy of “Anyone But Biden” – meaning anyone but Biden should face the public on any and all matters unless it is one-hundred percent absolutely necessary that they procure the actual body of Joe Biden for an event such as the U.S. Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2021.

Every now and then, the U.S. public will demand proof of Joe Biden’s barely-there personhood and the Radical Left handlers in the White House will straighten the steel rod in his back and trot out El Presidente Americano for the world’s most sophisticated dog and pony show.

Look — here he is, folks! A quick five minutes later they must wheel Biden back into the White House basement where they immediately force-feed him electrolytes. Joe Biden’s presidency is a national spectacle of elder abuse.

The “Biden Administration” has tried hard to conceal their true aims — because it is not the “Biden Administration.” It’s the Radical Left’s Administration.

The rabid radical leftists in the Executive Branch and controlling Congress are treading carefully in the face of growing evidence that Joe Biden is a trojan horse for Radical Communism.

Behind the smiling varnished mask of Old Joe that surfaces every blue moon for the American public are his puppetmasters, waving his arms and pulling the policy strings.

Citizen Donald J. Trump demanded to see President Barack Obama’s birth certificate to verify that he was actually born in the U.S. and therefore eligible for the U.S. presidency. With Joe Biden things are more basic: I want actual proof that Joe Biden is actually alive and not an animated husk.

Whether a sentient puppet or simply a puppet, the Radical Left is using their puppet president Joe Biden to enact their evil socialist agenda.