Queen Pelosi and King Schumer Will Reign Supreme…Pass the Geritol …Dems Are the Party of the Ancient

Democrats never learn, and unlike the Republican elephant logo, they always forget. While they’re consumed with happy dancing over the election of their martyr in rusted armor, they’ve already forgotten how much ground they lost elsewhere.

On one hand, they’re at least bright enough to already be hashing out diabolical plans for the coming four years, but on the other hand, they fail to realize the process their proposals must go through. One of those processes consists of presenting those wishes and desires to the same group of conservatives who haven’t budged. Oops.

But here’s where the Democrats really have things wrong. Blinded by their own ambitions they are willfully ignoring the incredible amount of chaos and disruption their own party suffers with. But what would anyone with half a mind expect with untamed radicals such as AOC and Omar consistently stirring their socialist pot of spewed garbage all over the halls and walls of Congress?

The illustrious old Democrat bag from California, Nancy Pelosi, along with her two longtime henchmen, Majority Leader Steny Ho-Ho-Hoyer from Maryland, and Whip-it-good-Jim Clyburn from South Carolina, have no competition for the mid-terms. They are all three running uncontested.

Now bear in mind, this is the exact same tumultuous trio who has been steering the Democrat spaceship for the past 14-years. So instead of intelligently focusing on where they lost ground and how to reverse the trend, they’d just as soon go with complacency. The status quo. Lunch, anyone?

Even though a few of the more progressive Dems are lobbying with all of their might for a change of congressional command, there are way too many old-timers who oppose any and all types of changes, even when they may be for the better.

So Pelosi and her entire entourage remain safe despite their incredible lackluster performance during the presidential election cycle. Even after losing the lower chamber where the Dems had anticipated making significant gains, Nancy and her barely breathing pack of cronies will continue their reckless course of losing. Their ineptitude, which has been clearly proven, is of no concern.

Chuck Schumer’s spot is unchallenged as well, but he’s at least being a bit more gracious than his side-chick Nancy. Schumer has gathered the troops together on two separate occasions to absorb their venting about what went wrong and who was to blame. Still, nobody wants the guy’s job.

It brings into question whether any of the lack of opposition comes not out of the want of relocating these encrusted barnacles to nursing homes, but more so from the fear of doing so. If you can’t give the ax to every one of the old-timer do-nothing regiment at the exact same time, those remaining will unmercifully haunt your career until they have you looking for a new line of work.

Now. Top this off with a neanderthal president who struggles to walk upright, and you have a recipe for disaster. But! There’s an obscure ray of sunshine only visible to the most perceptive.

Because the sane citizens of this country are already aware of how the next four years will be a disaster of catastrophic proportions, let’s sit back, pop a top, and watch things fall apart. Let’s make a drinking game out of it.

Because, when 2024 rolls around, there’s going to be a red tsunami such as the world has never seen. But this is only if Biden miraculously makes it through four years without having a stroke or getting booted out of office when his brain finally pops.

Of course, conservatives will be forced to tolerate Harris for the remainder of Biden’s term, but after watching Mike Pence make her knees buckle during the debates, she isn’t capable of keeping the Dems from being fired.

So let the liberals have their way as they revel in the glory of what is soon to come back and bite them where the sun don’t shine.