Racism Is Back Under Biden’s Progressive Fanatics! Columbia University Will Hold Six Graduation Ceremonies Separated by Race, Sex and Income Levels – Wow!

Columbia University’s latest attempts at wokeness have led to some snickering. These people might need a nap, that’s how woke they are. How can they not see what they have done here? Instead of allowing their student body to come together and enjoy a normal graduation, they are being segregated.

Native, Asian, LatinX, Black, LGBTQIA+ and “first generation/or low income community” students are all receiving their own graduations. In a country that is supposed to be making strides towards becoming more inclusive, we are actually moving in the opposite direction. It’s sad to watch and we hope that the university thinks better of it before it is too late.

This is a public relations fiasco that is waiting to happen at the moment. The ceremonies may not receive the attention that they normally would have, though. Because of restrictions that are related to COVID-19, the ceremonies are going to be held on Zoom over the course of a few days. This Ivy League school has decided that their white students do not need to commemorate their special occasion. There will be a general graduation ceremony on April 30 after all of these festivities have been handled.

“In honor of Columbia’s diverse student community and as a complement to the school- and University-wide graduation ceremonies, we are proud to also offer Multicultural Graduation Celebrations, which provide a more intimate setting for students who self-identify in a variety of ways. These events invite community members to reflect on personal growth and community experiences that have impacted their time as students through to graduation. All students are invited to participate in these celebrations,” the school website reads.

We cannot get over the fact that the country is becoming more divided under the leadership of Biden. He claimed that he would be the one to put us back together again but now it is only getting worse. Gone are the days when college graduations could serve as a fun moment for all attendees. Now, people are being told that they have to be separated into different groups.

That’s not what the college experience is all about. This is a lot of people’s chance to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and become close friends. Imagine how angering it would be if you had been separated from all of your good friends on the big day, just because the college you attended decided that they were more interested in winning the headlines.

It would leave us steamed, we can’t lie. These people are depriving students of one of the most important moments of the entire experience, in hopes that the world of social media will give them all of the credit for being oh so woke. Columbia University did not pay top dollar to send their kids to this school for reasons like these. It’s bad enough that everyone was still forced to spend the full amount for tuition during a pandemic. That’s one of the most ridiculous parts of this whole fiasco.

Students were not even given the chance to enjoy real education this year. The least that the school could do is provide them with the chance to enjoy a graduation. If we went to this school, we would be leading the charge for a boycott. Did anyone ever ask of the students how they felt about this? We are going to go out on a not so huge limb here and say no. That’s the problem with the woke crowd: they are always forcing these types of things on people that did not ask for them in the first place.

What happens when students are offended by the idea? It’s not like they ever stopped to think about that before. If that happens, it will probably be swept under the rug and blamed on someone else. That’s how the liberals like it. It’s all about performative activism and nothing that would ever change someone’s life for the better.