Rampant Racism Among Biden’s Supporters Ignored by the Left

The true patriots of America are getting the short end of the stick these days. Those who love America and our way of life are under attack on a constant basis. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are no longer a guarantee for the average American. The woke crowd is making sure of it.

The insanity that we experience on a regular basis has many of us heartsick, wondering if there is a better way. The mainstream media and corporate America are complicit as well. They are allowing this nonsense to take place and if anyone says otherwise?

They are treated like they just escaped from a leper colony. We used to think that there was a great deal of nuance to most subjects and that we could talk about them with our fellow Americans at length. That’s not how things work now, though. You either fall in line or you are called a racist.

Now, the mainstream media has moved onto their latest narrative. The Trump administration and his supporters hate the Asian-American community. That’s their new one and they are going to stick to it for as long as they have to. They are being painted as insurrectionists who also hate anyone who isn’t white.

The propaganda campaign is sure to appeal to those who already think this way but there are a lot of facts that are getting in the way here. For starters, let’s start off with the biggest knowledge bomb of all. The same Democrats and far-left voters who are telling people that a Capitol police officer was murdered by a group of Trump supporters.

That is not the case, though. A Nation of Islam adherent is responsible for the death but the mainstream media is not willing to tell that side of the story. Noah Greene murdered the officer, while the rest of the protesters were trying to make their voices heard. Trump supporters should not be painted as the parties who are responsible because there is simply no truth to the statement.

You know how it goes when the radical left decides on something, though. The narrative persists, even after they have been told that it is wrong. White Trump supporters are also being painted as being overly aggressive to Asian-Americans. The mainstream media refuses to report on the attacks that take place when non-white assailants are involved. It’s a nice little system they have going.

After all, you can’t be proven wrong if you are not willing to provide any evidence that might make your story look bad. The laundry list of lies is growing by the day and the mainstream media needs to be fully dismantled if we are ever going to get to the bottom of it.

Multiple suspects have been arrested by New York City police because of the hate crimes that they have committed. If these people were white, we suspect that we would have heard about these crimes a long time ago. Because the mainstream media cannot pin them on white people, they are not as important.

These incidents are also taking place in Oakland and San Francisco, with no media coverage to speak of. It’s almost impossible to find any stories about these hate crimes and we are tired of it. Even professional football players like Carlton Davis of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are using anti-Asian slurs and no one seems to mind. It’s sad to watch the hypocrisy unfold.

So what do the true patriots of America want to see going forward? The answers are easy enough to understand. We want transparency from the mainstream media and we want them to stop reporting stories in a biased manner. The national fabric is being torn apart at the seams. If you are anything like us, you are looking to put a stop to this once and for all. The mainstream media needs to start playing fair when it comes to how these things are reported.