Remember All the Money Cuomo Made on His Book? He Might Lose It All!

George Wirt /
George Wirt /

Andrew Cuomo is a fraud and a liar. And, as we add to the list of things that he is, he is also a NYT bestselling author. His ego was so massive that he decided to write a book in the middle of the pandemic that allowed him to talk about how he is such a great leader by getting COVID under control.

Only, he isn’t a great leader, and he most certainly did not get COVID under control. What he did manage to do is mindlessly kill countless senior citizens in nursing homes. And, he kept entirely too many people in lockdown so that it would kill the economy across the state of New York.

The problem is that there were enough Dems who wanted to hear his story. They believed Cuomo’s lies and they bought his book. It helped the governor (at the time the book was published) make a significant amount of money.

Well, now it’s time to pay the pied piper.

In order to be able to write “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic,” he had to receive approval from the state ethics board. And now, it looks as though that approval is being revoked.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCPOE) is requiring that Cuomo reapply for authorization.

This is where it all starts to get extremely exciting.

If his application for re-authorization gets denied, JCPOE has the ability to force Cuomo to surrender the $5.1 million that he was paid to author the book.

The vote that was held regarding pulling the authorization passed with ease, 12-1. The only dissenting vote was by William Fisher, who was personally appointed to the board by Andrew Cuomo.

To say that Cuomo is upset with the results of the vote is an understatement. “These JCOPE members are acting outside the scope of their authority and are carrying the water of the politicians who appointed them. It is the height of hypocrisy for Hochul and the legislature’s appointees to take this position, given these elected officials routinely use their own staff for political and personal assistance on their own time.”

There are countless reasons why the vote didn’t end up in Cuomo’s favor. Let’s forget about the fact that he has been accused of allegedly sexually harassing employees.

Reports have emerged to say that state workers helped Cuomo author his memoir. This includes at least two instances where junior staff members were asked to print pages of the draft at the Capitol and, then, deliver them to the Executive Mansion.

Obviously, being paid $5.1 million should have meant that Cuomo was doing this on his own time…and on his own.

Ethics commissioners who have been looking to revoke the authorization since this summer also said that the authorization was granted by JCOPE staff as opposed to the full commission.

They also argue that Cuomo misrepresented the way in which the book would be authored. He “did not clearly state that state employees were going to volunteer,” explains one Senate GOP appointee.

Cuomo’s spokesperson still argues saying that “no government resources” would be used. Apparently, state employees aren’t government resources in Cuomo’s eyes.

What a shame if he would have to turn that money over to the state. Then, he might not have the money needed to run for another public office. Maybe, then, he’ll just retire and leave everyone alone.