Rep. Jim Jordan Just as Confused as Us About the Left’s Attempts To Destroy Gas Prices

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wants answers about the path this country is headed down. He has seen just how timid President Biden has become, and he is just as tired of this coward as the rest of America. The confusion his spineless decisions leave this great country’s people with is astounding. Our leadership has been proving time and again just how incompetent they are.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Rep. Jordan cleared the way to get things straightened out on what the Biden agenda is, and what it means for the American people. Now if someone will only answer back. “I asked that question when [Rep.] Ro Khanna, [a Democrat member from California] got done badgering these witnesses. I said: ‘Do you guys want $8 gas?’ The truth is they do. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out [why]. What that means to middle-class families, how that hurts our economy, how that drives up the price of everything because you got — it takes fuel to move goods around the country.”

This is not the place we want the President to be in. He should not be pushing for more things that hurt the American people. His little puppet Pete Buttigieg has yet to have an answer to the infrastructure problem but has zero issues telling Americans who can barely afford rent on a cramped apartment to buy a $60,000 Tesla if they are worried about gas prices.

Ironically here, the stance of Americans sucking it up because Ukraine is under attack (which is not the cause behind this pricing) and telling Americans to spend money they don’t have so we can support their policies is a familiar line. Matter of fact, this kind of misdirection is the same thing the left was ‘warning’ people that Donald Trump was going to do while he was President.

Yet, during that man’s time in office, we found prosperity as we were faced with an unprecedented pandemic. We found pride in our country, and ourselves as citizens. Since Biden has taken office, we are in a place of actually being ashamed to be American when we talk to people of other nations. The looks of sorrow and compassion when they hear about this spineless leftist in the White House are sickening.

Thankfully, people like Rep. Jim Jordan stand ready to question the politics and ideas of the President. His statements on the show are from the heart and they ask the hard questions. As he went on to explain “it’s complete craziness, but that’s where the left is today…Unfortunately, they have complete control of the Democrat Party, and Joe Biden, I think, is afraid to stand up to them. That’s why he’s talking to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela and Iran, for goodness’ sake.”

These talks are something many have warned against, and any American with even an ounce of world history knowledge knows that we should not be buying dirty-water dogs from any of these countries, much less oil. Saudi Arabia already has a good foothold here and doesn’t need to improve it just to raise prices even more. Iran is self-explanatory, and the mere idea of buying goods or services from them makes about as much sense as a football bat.

It’s Venezuela that is the really interesting country. They have a massive support deal with Russia. There is NOTHING to stop them from buying Russian oil in rubles and selling it to us for US dollars while marking it up a bit in the process. This currency exchange would wildly favor them, and they would be making out like bandits for doing absolutely nothing. The American people should not be wondering about these kinds of deals if anything Biden should be increasing U.S. production. The pandemic should have been a great example of why we need more self-reliance in the U.S.