Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Rejects the Reality of Inflation; Blames Corporations

Grossinger /

The Democrats keep coming for the American dream by attacking the reality of life. They won’t tell us their full sinister plans. Instead, they just keep hiding it under thinly veiled legislation. They blame others for their failures and try to make conservatives out to be the bad guy for not taking what they are selling at face value.

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib is a perfect example of this demented Democrat mindset. As a ranking member of The Squad, she has found herself rising to prominence in politics for nothing more than being a female minority. Her opinions and how she expressed herself never mattered to the Democrats. They just wanted another member who fit their optics, and she fits it to a T.

Now, she’s using this position to excuse the current financial situation in America. “The pandemic has been great for the richest Americans who have lined their pockets and doubled their wealth…Corporations have the nerve to blame inflation while consolidating their market power and raising the price of essential goods and services. For me, this is not inflation; it’s extortion.”

Her understanding of the economy and how money works could not be more inaccurate if she was trying. She is just smart enough to be incredibly stupid. As her rant continued, she targeted stock buyback programs as if they are the root of all evil, and eventually climate change. “When corporations funnel their record earnings into stock buybacks, that’s money that they’re not allocating towards capital investments, research, and development… Today, we all know that the next crisis that will pose an existential threat to our economy is our planet. I’m incredibly concerned that corporations will simply look at the climate crisis the same way they viewed the pandemic. Just another way to make a quick buck.”

Stock buybacks are a capital investment in themselves. It ensures they are ultimately responsible for their own lots in the world. It also ensures they aren’t having to dish out more in dividends. While those aren’t even higher than the cost of the stock, they certainly add up over time. Buying stocks back is a way of ensuring that they can use more of the money as they see fit. This also includes the research and development Tlaib is so concerned about.

As for her deep concern about the environment, she’s just taking the Biden mindset of pushing green energy and running for it. The problem is that we cannot go fully green overnight, companies cannot exist without making some profit off the climate.

The pandemic allowed businesses to make money when they adjusted their policies, products, and ways of marketing to meet the needs of those impacted by the pandemic. Some industries couldn’t do anything but shut their doors and pray thanks to the Democrats.

In turn, climate change means new and different opportunities for companies to market themselves as well as their goods and services. Taking advantage of that is just capitalism 101. It doesn’t mean they won’t use profits to help or that they won’t develop products to help mankind be able to thrive in this new environment. Additionally, if she wants to complain about people making money on climate change, maybe she needs to look more at the former golden boy of the Democratic Party.

Al Gore invented the idea of carbon credits (and the internet, if you listen to him). He makes billions of dollars by fining companies for pollution, as well as issuing carbon credits to companies who don’t pollute as much as he thinks they should be allowed to. His use of the environment and climate change to make money is 100 times worse than anything ever done by a Republican. Tlaib needs to get her facts straightened out and realize that it is her party and their green ideas that are killing the economy and the planet, all in one fell swoop.