Republicans Attempting to Block Biden Admin Monitoring of Bank Accounts Could be Swimming Upstream

There are a few jobs in the United States that believe their cause is to protect liberty, and in case you didn’t know, journalists consider themselves to be among them. The reason for that is simple: what you don’t know can hurt you. 

There are all sorts of reasons why lawmakers would want to keep you in the dark about what’s happening legislatively. Maybe they’re causing it or maybe they didn’t try hard enough to stop it, Either way, if it affects you, it’s your right (and responsibility) to know. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that Americans find journalists willing to inform, not just entertain, because the liberties we surrender today are the ones our grandchildren won’t believe ever even existed. 

It’s with that in mind that I have the unhappy task of informing you that the Biden administration is making strides in the horrifying direction of making sure that every transaction out of your banking account is monitored. This might not seem like all that bad of a situation, considering that the IRS already has their noses so far up in most of our business that it would be hard to put anything past them. 

But think of it like this: we’ve assumed for some time that the government knows what we say on the telephone and over emails through wiretaps and warrants, etc. But for the most part, we joke about having an FBI agent listen in but we say what we want without interference. If we, however, compare that to how we are censored on Facebook, it’s an entirely different feeling. So, for a while, you knew you were being listened to, and then when what you said began to be censored (sometimes at the behest of the White House, sometimes not) it wasn’t as big of a leap. 

To the same extent, we’ve known that the government was all up in our business with the IRS, and now the exploration is possibly going to get a lot more extensive, but they’re not going to monitor how much gourmet coffee you drink, right? I mean what’s the worst that could happen? According to a group of Republican senators who are introducing legislation to stop the expanded Internal Revenue Service, they could violate taxpayer rights and privacy in a big way if they go unchecked.

“Unfortunately, [President Joe] Biden and his team have ignored, or sometimes celebrated, the violation of taxpayer privacy and want to create an intrusive IRS,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford said in a statement released on Tuesday.

“Our solution forces the IRS to protect taxpayers from regular IRS monitoring of their bank accounts, targeting based on their private beliefs, and the political weaponization of the IRS. Oversight and transparency are critical to a well-functioning government that works for the American people,” he added.

According to Lankford, the IRS wants to not just check in but monitor the bank accounts of Americans. That, coupled with the horrifying trend of banks to shut down the accounts of high profile contentious figures, such as Gen. Michael Flynn and others, could put those whose political beliefs don’t align with the prevailing power, outside of the central banking system. 

So maybe you’re not freaked out. Maybe you feel like you could just say, screw it, I’ll live off-grid. Lowes and Home Depot still take cash. Let’s buy some seeds and go garden. But do they take cash? Are you still going to be able to use nasty cash forever with COVID around? Will they allow you inside if you’re not vaccinated? Yes, for now, they will, but we can easily see how as we see one violation could get piled on another, we face the possibility of compliance or … who knows.