Russian Spy Plane Spotted Over Chicago

People in Chicago got a chance to have their picture taken by a Russian Air Force plane. Russia is a nation that loves to play a friend to nations and in the background secretly do things to undermine that friendship.

It is clear to the world that Russia is only interested in what can make them great and what they can take from others. There was no reason to fly a plane at high altitude over a Midwest city. Except to say we can do what we want in your airspace America.

For years Russia has tested the borders of Alaska with their near flyovers and deliberate violations of American airspace. They repeatedly test the limits of the American resolve seeking any weakness in the system, so they can exploit it.

There is no doubt that the Russian plane was collecting reconnaissance over the path that it flew. There is no way to determine what flight path or trail they might have flown. But they would have certainly gotten pictures of the entire Continent during their flyover.

The Russian flyover is said to be allowed under the Treaty on Open Skies. This gives legal permission for nations to pre-arranged a flyover to determine if the nation is abiding by a set of rules placed on it.

They are allowed to determine if they are abiding by any treaties that they may have entered into. This flyover is not about making sure the United States is abiding by some set of rules. This was an attempt by Russia to determine what the United States is really up to.

The Nuclear Treaty is no longer valid and there is nothing that binds the two nations together so it stands to reason that Russia is back to doing spy operations in an attempt to keep an edge on the United States.

The Treaty on Open Skies allows planes to take pictures and spy on nations for the sole purpose of gathering information. What that information is used for is at the sole discretion of the nation that collects it. The planes that fly over must be unarmed and only equipped with surveillance and monitoring devices.

Russia is a nation that likes to test its limits. They live by the code of doing things that they can get away with. This aircraft got away with spying on the United States with the hopes of collecting information about military and strategic deployment of Russian resources against the United States. They have repeatedly flown their aircraft near American ships in an attempt to provoke a conflict and to get a glimpse of new American technology.

Radar shows that the flight over Ohio and then over Montana at an elevation of 36,000 feet. The plan then diverted to the northern Chicago area where the Naval Station Great Lakes is found. This military compound is the Navy’s premier training facility and it is the only Navy’s Boot Camp compound.

The crazy route that the Russian plane took was just an attempt to keep people from guessing its true mission. That plane was spying on the Naval Base in Chicago. They were looking for anything that they could use to determine what the United States navy was doing.

This is not the first attempt by Russia to gain intelligence on United States forces. A few months back another Russian spy plane was taking pictures of nuclear laboratories and other key sites that are vital to American secrecy. Russia is gathering information for some missions in the future. The treaty that allows this kind of flyover is just a smokescreen for them to gain intel on American forces.

The United States is at a key juncture with the Russian nation. Russian has no regard for true relations with America or anyone else.

They are just looking for ways to dominate the world and take advantage of resources that are not theirs to have. The United States continues to be the greatest nation that has ever existed in world history and it will for a long time to come.