Rutgers University Claims the English Language Honors White Supremacy…Buckle up Before you Read This one

The radical-left Black Lives Matter movement is doing its very best to destroy the American way of life as we now know it. Their purpose is to literally destroy the backbone of a proud nation.

BLM has chosen violence as their mode of doing so, and there is certainly nothing peaceful about the ongoing protests. Police offices have had explosives, bricks, stones, and bullets lobbed their direction.

Storefront windows have been shattered by looters. Buildings have set ablaze. Historical statues have been desecrated and destroyed. And the violence is nowhere near being over. In fact, it’s becoming worse.

It’s been suggested that military bases named after persons who BLM considers racist, be changed. But, according to BLM, all white people are racist whether they are or not. They just don’t realize it.

Yet, with all of this domestic terrorist activity taking place, the most idiotic of idiotic things just appeared on the scene. If the staff at Rutgers University were not serious about their recent suggestion, one could easily mistake it for sarcastic humor. But, their latest lamebrained declaration was not intended to be funny. At least not to them.

In an unprecedented move, the aged-old and highly respected, until now, Rutgers University has declared the English language to be racist. Yes. You read this correctly. It’s the product of white supremacy.

With the power of a high voltage stun gun, they foolishly said American grammar as we have always known it is, “part of white supremacy because students of ‘multilingual, non-standard academic English backgrounds’ are allegedly disadvantaged.” Huh???

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Rutgers University English department “will change its standards of English instruction in an effort to ‘stand with and respond’ to the Black Lives Matter movement. Department chairman, Rebecca Walkowitz, stated in an Email that the Graduate Writing Program will emphasize ‘social justice’ and ‘critical grammar.’”

Walkowitz continued by stating how they would add, “workshops on social justice and writing, increasing focus on graduate student life, and incorporating ‘critical grammar’ into our pedagogy. The “critical grammar” approach challenges the standard academic form of the English language in favor of a more inclusive writing experience. The curriculum puts an emphasis on the variability of the English language instead of accuracy.”

Instead of accuracy? Okay. Who’s willing to take take a course in Ebonics? Who’s willing to sacrifice using proper diction in favor of slang? We’ll start the ball rolling by emphatically stating, we aren’t.

Here is another question for everyone to ponder. Are you willing to allow the anarchist left-wingers to tell you how to speak, how to write, and how to think? We would hope not.

One can only hope that other institutes of high learning rebuke Rutgers University rather than following their lead. And one can only hope the university will experience a huge dropout rate by students who much prefer using proper English as it was intended to be spoken and written.

If Rutgers has their way, Funk and Wagnalls is going to have a big job in front of them. Or, perhaps it would be better if dictionaries were simply scraped altogether since there will no longer be a correct or an incorrect way of speaking.

And so the “dumbing” down of America begins. First, it was our history, now it’s our language. But it isn’t properly educated Americans who need to change or adapt. It’s those who have never bothered taking the time to learn the fine art of the English language who need to do the changing.

And as far as foreign students go, they came here seeking the best education the world has to offer. It’s up to them to roll with the way things are and have always been, or they can catch the next flight out. Pretty simple.

Let’s do an informal survey. How many of our readers are willing to allow something so ludicrous to take place? We’re fairly aware of how the responses will read, but we’d still like to hear it directly from you. This ought to be good.