Sarah Huckabee Sanders Announces Run for Public Office

Former White House Press Secretary for the Trump administration Sarah Huckabee Sanders has thrilled and delighted conservatives with the announcement that she has put her hat into the ring for governor of Arkansas.

Sanders made a name for herself as the on-screen warrior, fending off the charge of aggressively liberal “fake news” journalists with their accusatory lines of questioning for the Trump administration.

The Arkansas native endeared herself to conservatives with her no-nonsense method of putting journalists more interested in becoming the news than reporting the news, in their place.

According to The Daily Wire, the former Trump administration official will announce on Monday that she plans to run for the office, via reports from multiple news outlets.

NBC News cited “two people familiar with her plans,” saying that Sanders would announce her candidacy for Arkansas Governor on Monday via video.

They then proceeded to attempt to undercut Sanders’ job performance while working in the White House, saying that “When Trump announced that Sanders would be leaving her position in June 2019, she hadn’t held a briefing in 94 days.”

They also said that she had a “contentious relationship with the White House press corps and all but did away with official briefings during her 2½-year tenure.”

The Associated Press has also reported her potentially imminent candidacy, citing a “senior campaign official” and later updating their report with Sanders’ official announcement that came early on Monday morning.

“During her nearly two-year tenure as Trump’s chief spokeswoman, daily televised briefings led by the press secretary ended after Sanders repeatedly sparred with reporters who aggressively questioned her about administration policy and the investigation into possible coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia,” The Associated Press’s report stated.

“But Sanders earned reporters’ respect working behind the scenes to develop relationships with the media.

“Trump’s tumultuous exit from the presidency may do little damage to Sanders in Arkansas. Republicans hold all of Arkansas’ statewide and federal seats, as well as a solid majority in both chambers of the Legislature.”

The same publication went on to explain that Sanders comes into the race with the distinct edge of having national name recognition, and will likely poll better than other Republican candidates.

“Incumbent Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) cannot seek re-election due to term limits,” the AP reported. There are already two high-profile Republicans in the state, including Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

“Griffin and Rutledge have combined raised more than $2.8 million in the race, which could get even more crowded. Republican state Sen. Jim Hendren, who is also a nephew of Hutchinson’s, is considering a run.”

Republicans seem to be looking to turn to smaller political aspirations now that President Joe Biden has captured the White House in what was widely considered to be an illegal election.

This is not to say that the Republican aspirations are small, however, both the election contention and the COVID-19 restrictions have proven to Americans once again that much of the decision making about their day to day lives are still left to the state and local officials.

And what isn’t left to those officials is still often left to those officials to enforce.

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