SC Activists Cancel Protests After Demonstrators Come Down with Coronavirus

COVID-19 has been a terrible plague that has ravaged millions around the globe. It is a sickness that could have been prevented had China not been messing around with viral research. It is now clear that they are not able to handle that level and kind of scientific research.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives because China dropped the ball and lied to the world. But even amid anguish that the virus leaves there is one ray of hope for the people of South Carolina.

The Black Lives Matter thugs have been violently attacking and protesting around the country. South Carolina was next on their list of places to destroy.

The protest organizer got everything set up and ready to go only to have to cancel their violent parade because 13 professional protestors, that have been part of other illegal marches, have tested positive for COVID-19.

Their defiance to law and order is leading to many of them getting sick. But at least in the short-term, the people of South Carolina will not have to endure violent attacks at the hands of protestors that do not even live in the region.

The Democrats love the protests and the violence. They are using it as a platform to build their political portfolio with. They love the fact that the protestors are getting sick because they can now use the increase in numbers to prove that further lockdowns are necessary.

For those that have defied the president and CDC, orders are now being urged to get tested and isolate themselves if found to be positive. All because they wanted to act violently and support something that they do not even understand.

Lawrence Dishawn Nathaniel is one of the organizers and supporters of the violence sweeping the country. His band of traveling criminals moves from town to town threatening residence and acting as they live there.

His demands and threats are falling on deaf ears because the rest of America is sick of the hypocrisy of a group that demands justice for the death of George Floyd but is responsible for the killing of dozens of other people of color in recent days.

COVID-19 has judged this group and has forced Nathaniel to state that “We’re canceling all protests. We must do our part, so if you’re gonna go out, make sure you have your mask, make sure you have your hand sanitizer.”

South Carolina has been saved by COVID-19. Nathaniel and his murderous group is a bigger threat to the United States than the virus itself. The members of the protests become viral agents that spread the sickness to healing regions.

Some experts doubted whether or not the protests would spread the virus. But their refusal to believe that they could be ignorance at its finest. For months the CDC has been telling people to stay away from each other and here are the protestors squeezing together.

They were a prime place for a breakout of the virus to happen. The violent members are going to find out that violence never pays off the way they think it will in the end.

There has been a surge in infections among the younger crowds because they are at the protests. Vice President Mike Pence has stated that “We are seeing more people test positive under the age of 35, particularly in our discussions with the leadership in Florida and in Texas.”

Lives do not matter all that much to the BLM group. Since they are out infecting people with a deadly virus.

In a study released by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, it was said that “The recent growth appears to be primarily due to increased cases in younger age groups, especially those aged 21-40.

In June, 50 percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients and 30 percent of ICU patients have been under 50 years old.”

The BLM group and other violent loving thugs are the reason why COVID-19 is making a come back in the United States. There will never be healing of things until these people sober up and stop killing and looting places around the country.