Schumer Insists He Knows What America Needs with Economic Stimulus (Hint: He Doesn’t)

Chuck Schumer wants to call the shots in Congress as it pertains to the economic stimulus. He believes that his plan is right for America. However, it’s hard for him to have his pulse on the needs of America when he’s spent so long as a career politician.

According to Chuck Schumer, the country wants a “bold program.”

Really, though? Is that what Americans want?

Most Americans want the economy to bounce back without having to bankrupt the federal government at the same time. The moment the federal government starts to feel the financial pain, taxes will be raised – and no one wants to pay more taxes than what is already being paid.

The Democrats want to act as if no one is capable of going back to work. Around the country, there are millions of people making more on unemployment than they were when they were working full-time. When the liberals want to issue out an extra $300 a week to those who are on unemployment, what’s the incentive to go back to work?

Too many cities and states are sitting around waiting for a bailout. California and New York have locked their states down, sending their economies crashing. The only way they’ll be able to get out of the mess is by asking for a handout. However, why should they get any money while other states get none?

The Democrats demand that things be fair. Well, they could be fair by allowing businesses to operate. It’s perfectly acceptable for small businesses and restaurants to be open if they’re following the necessary social distancing measures. However, the states lockdown and then expect money.

No one’s going to say no to a stimulus check arriving in their checking accounts. However, what is the real cost of that stimulus check going to be? If we get $1200 but our taxes go up by $2400 over the course of the year, we have lost money – but that’s the part that Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to say out loud.

Chuck Schumer has recently spoken with Joe Biden’s economic team to talk about a “bipartisan” agreement. What’s funny about that is that the GOP has been trying to offer bipartisan agreements for months. However, the Democrats have made it clear that they don’t want to agree to anything until Trump is out of office.

It’s not about what America wants, then. It’s about what the Democrats want. They want to help the country, but only once Trump is out of the White House. So, Schumer and the rest of them will sit idly by while they watch Americans suffer for a few more months.

Schumer’s plan isn’t a good one. It would end up costing taxpayers countless more dollars a year – and Mitch McConnell knows it. It’s one of the reasons why the Senate Majority Leader is fighting to come up with a better plan – one that has been presented on countless occasions only to be shot down by the Democrats.

Why is it that it’s so hard to come up with a compromise?

Schumer, Pelosi, and other Democrats want to add more to the cities and states that are choosing to keep businesses closed. They also want to help out the immigrants. Rather than controlling the spending, they want to add more and more money to go out the door.

It’s not just about an infusion of money. Cities and states need to take the necessary steps to ensure they’re not asking for more money a month or two from now. We can’t allow the federal spending to get so steep that taxes go up.

Schumer wants to provide an economic stimulus without painting the full picture to Americans. Do you want to get a stimulus check if it’s going to cost you double that in taxes? No. If he’d be honest with everyone, there’d be more people arguing for what the GOP has to offer.