Senator Graham Launches Investigations Into Biden’s

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham has seen and heard enough.  Graham is one of the most intense supporters of the president and is not taking any more circus acts from Congress or any other Democrat for that matter.  Everything was thrown out, which could help clear President Trump from any wrongdoing since his first day in office.

Democrats have fought to remove him from power every step of the way, and now Senator Graham is angry.  Since no one is going to finish this, he will, as he sent a letter to Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, demanding the documents on former Vice President Joe Biden and all of his contacts and communications with Ukraine.

The same documents which Rudy Giuliani spoke of in all of his interviews will now take a full investigation.  It’s about time!!! Kudos to Senator Graham for doing what no one else has had the balls to do before.  But he is making it clear, it is not just to counter everything Democrats have thrown at President Trump.

This is an act of war and retaliation of doing what is right and doing what needed to be done from day one.  Adam Schiff has thrown this idea out the window, but Senator Graham is pulling it back on Capitol Hill, and no stone will be left unturned.

Graham is entirely focused on the calls Biden made with the former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko concerning Ukraine’s top prosecutor being fired.

The next step for the investigation will be looking into Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma.  Everything will tie back to the former Vice President and the Obama administration because Obama knew about everything.

Once all of this is opened up, then the world shouldn’t be too surprised when Graham goes after the Obama administration and Hunter Biden for the corrupt deal with China.  Everything will be fair game and thrown out on the table.  The only difference with this investigation is nothing will be behind closed doors.  The American people will find out the truth.

At first, Graham did not want to “turn the Senate into a circus,” as the Democrats have done with the House of Representatives.  The Senate is currently working with the Justice Department on an investigation of Russia.

Perhaps everything is all tied together, but Graham did not want to get caught up in Ukraine until now.  This can only mean one thing, they found something of relevance which will stick.

The Russia deal is something Democrats are trying to squirm their way out of, but Graham has been doing his own investigation.  There is something there, and a spokeswoman for Graham stated, “Adam Schiff and the House Intel Committee have made it clear they will not look into the issues about Hunter Biden and Burisma.  Graham is requesting documents which could shed additional light on that issue and hopes they will be able to answer some of the outstanding questions.”

Inside the letter to Pompeo, Graham is requesting, “the communications between Joe Biden and Poroshenko as well as any between Devon Archer, a business partner of Hunter Biden’s, and then-Secretary of State John F. Kerry on March 2, 2016, based on reporting that the two were scheduled to meet that day.”

There was a massive amount of corruption we all know about in the Obama administration, but check out what the Washington Post had to say in this clip from their article, “When Biden pressured Ukraine to fire its prosecutor by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, he was leading a charge supported by the Obama administration, many Western leaders and several Republican senators.”  The keywords here are not just “Biden” but “Supported by the Obama administration.”

This could take down a massive amount of Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.  Conspiracy theories are, most of the time, just that, “theories.”  This time we can see it is more than just “theories.”

It actually happened, and if the Democrats do not let Ukraine handle their investigations within their own country, Graham will lead the charge.  There will not be one Democrat to stop him.

Throughout the hearings, the truth revolves around the Biden’s corruption with Ukraine.  Republicans have worked to shift the discussions toward this topic, but Democrats will not have it.  Graham is angry, and anger with justice can get a lot done.  This may all be over with the truth coming out, which spells TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020!!