Senator Warnock Learns He Has to Read the Law Before Condemning It

Senator Warnock was not anyone’s first choice of a Georgia Senator. Yet, that’s who the state voted for – and now residents are learning that they are stuck with his bad decisions.

When Georgia released its new voting law, there were a lot of harsh reviews. The problem is that a lot of those reviews were based on false information.

As a man of color, Warnock was particularly outspoken about the voting law, condemning it.

Those words, by the senator and by others, have been disastrous to the minority communities they claimed they wanted to help.

What’s worse is that Warnock condemned the entire law before he had even read it.

Raphael Warnock referred to the law as a “Jim Crow” law. He initially declined to condemn the calls to boycott, and he was quick to judge. He was fine with the boycotts because he believed that the law was wrong.

Oh, but then he realized that the boycotts were going to have a negative impact on the state he represents. When Major League Baseball pulled their all-star game, they also pulled the $100 million in revenue that would be brought to the greater Atlanta area.

Small businesses needed that money. After being hit so hard by the pandemic, many were counting on that revenue.

The truth has come out. Warnock made his statement to condemn the bills several days after Governor Kemp signed the bill. But, the bill contained proposals that had not made it into the final version.

So, Warnock was condemning a version of the bill that was not ultimately passed. He never bothered to read the actual voting law.

When the Georgian Senator put out an email, he claimed a number of things, all of which were false. This included that the law ended no-excuse mail voting and that it restricted early voting on weekends.

Biden, too, misspoke…and so did Jen Psaki, his White House press secretary.

So many Democrats chose to condemn a law that they didn’t even bother to read.

And the issue perpetuated.

The only thing that Warnock managed to do was convince the people to push for a boycott that caused his state to miss out on $100 million in revenue – and for nothing.

Georgia’s new voting law requires the presence of an ID. People were outraged…so they convinced MLB to move the All-Star Game to another state. Only, they moved it to Colorado, another state that requires voters to show an ID. Where was the outrage? Oh, there was none.

This is the way that the Democratic Party operates. They get upset because of not bothering to read a law. How is it that a senator could become so outraged about a law before he even bothered to read it and understand it?

He’s only making these problems worse.

If he had hopes of becoming a long-term senator, forget it. People will remember this. They will remember his outrage and his support of the boycotts that caused Atlanta businesses to lose money when they needed it the most.

Black and low-income families need help from Congress. They need help to get IDs. They need their Senator to make things better and to ensure that they have the tools needed to be contributing members of society.

They voted, hoping that Raphael Warnock was going to be the savior they needed. After all, he made promises, and he is a man of color.

Sadly, they have learned that Warnock is not going to be the help they needed. They have learned that he is just like every other liberal senator. He gets outraged before learning the facts. And because of jumping to outrage before understanding, Georgia has suffered the blows of several boycotts.

Where is Warnock now? He’s living the high life of a well-paid senator while the small business owners of Atlanta continue to suffer because of his decisions.