Sens. Kennedy and Scott Launch Campaign To Warn Americans About Saule Omarova

Andriy Blokhin /
Andriy Blokhin /

Republicans on the Hill have been hammering at Saule Omarova as she seeks to fill Biden’s nomination of her for Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. With her radical positions on capitalism, her desire for a large amount of more government control, and fewer rights in the hands of the common citizen, she is a far cry from someone most of the American people would like to see in the office.

Senators John Kennedy (R-LA) and Tim Scott (R-SC) have been on the frontlines fighting the battle against her and her radical ideas. As RedState reported, Kennedy was the biggest of the two on aggressing her directly. Sen. Kennedy “noted how she had previously called on the federal government to set wages, food, and gas prices. He brought up her wanting to abolish private bank accounts so that the government could have access to all your data. He spoke about her desire to set up a National Investment Authority which would be the hub through which they can achieve their climate dreams and how she wrote about wanting to bankrupt oil and gas, to tackle climate change. In 2019, he said she joined a Marxist Facebook group. ‘I don’t know whether to call you Professor or Comrade,’ Kennedy finished.”

RedState hit the nail on the head with how directly and thoroughly Kennedy ripped apart her policies and her statements. Omarova is a horrific human being who seeks to destroy this economy down to its very roots and make it useless going forward. She wants true scorched earth for us. This is not a healthy nor a good move for our economy. Her inability to trust the American people to manage their own money is shameful.

The Feds don’t need to be moving our money and doing all of our financial transactions for us. We don’t need to remove paper currency, and we don’t need to go to a central bank where the government controls everything. Omarova’s ideas would be more than a huge step backward for the country; it would be setting us back tens if not hundreds of years in our progression as a society.

Sen. Scott, however, had the best and most direct moment of the day. The question was directed to him about why she is so ‘poorly suited for the job’ and encouraged him to ask some questions. “I don’t have any questions for you because there’s nothing you can say today to undo what you’ve said for years, including this year.” If that is not a true mic-drop moment in politics.

These days, it seems like the revenge and ire of two senators is all that is keeping the left from taking over. Sens. Kennedy and Scott on the Republican side against Omarova and the battle of Democratic Sen.s Sinema and Manchin against the Build Back Better plan is getting ready to start their dog fight any minute now.

Interestingly, these resistances are coming in twos. It used to be multiple people would stand up together on various issues. All based upon the politics and the perceptions of the people in their great states. Now, it’s all about the party for many of these politicians. As this slowly starts to go back to being a ‘for the people of the people’ mindset, things will eventually change, and the people will regain their control. But, only if they push for it.