Seriously? Biden Urges Haitians to Deliver the Death Blow to Trump (Video)

Perhaps Joe Biden really has lost his mind. As he visited an audience made up primarily of Haitians in Miami, he asked everyone to “think about this” – and asked the crowd to deliver the final blow to President Trump.

Oh, Biden. He asked the crowd to deliver the “coup de grace” by voting for himself over Trump. As he tells the crowd, it would be the “irony of all ironies.” The real irony is that Biden is asking for a killing blow to be delivered to the president when the president was still in the hospital with a positive case of COVID-19.

The comments were tasteless – and he may not have even known exactly what he was saying. It wouldn’t be the first time he gave a speech without thinking about the words coming out of his mouth – and it likely won’t be the last time, either.

Biden gave his speech at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami. For someone who has criticized Trump for being irresponsible with the pandemic, Biden chooses to go into the epicenter.  Miami-Dade County has a high infection rate at the moment, one of the highest in the country. Although he wore a mask, it would have been more responsible to stay away.

During his speech, Biden thought it might be fun to impress with a bit of French. He thought that Haitians should be the one to deliver the coup de grace on Election Eve. There were a few claps, but it certainly didn’t have the effect that he thought it would. Perhaps it’s because he just asked the entire crowd to kill the president on Election Eve.

This is coming from the same presidential candidate who talked about how he is a practicing Catholic. Biden loves to throw around various tidbits about himself depending on the crowd he’s talking to. Most “practicing” Catholics aren’t also supporting the federal funding of abortions, let alone abortions all the way through birth.

Biden told those in Miami that if the Dems win Florida, he’ll win the entire election. Biden seems to be forgetting that there are a number of other big states that he has to win over. There’s also something else. The Haitians watched as a supposed Catholic asked them to deliver a killing blow to the president, the same president who was sitting in the hospital at Walter Reed during the time of the speech. If they were thinking about voting for Biden, they’re likely saying their Hail Marys and planning on voting for Trump at this point.

Joe Biden has a reputation for stretching the truth. He tells crowds that he was arrested to give him street cred when he actually was only ever placed in handcuffs but never charged. He tells other crowds that he attended a historically black college or university (HBCU) when, in reality, he attended the historically white university across town.

So, why shouldn’t Biden tout that he’s a good Catholic boy to a bunch of God-fearing, Catholic Haitians? The problem is, he says that in one breath and talks about the irony of all ironies of a coup de grace in the next breath. Meanwhile, the crowd is laughing to themselves about how truly ironic it all is while Biden isn’t in on the joke because of his diminished mental capacity.

Biden will cling to his faith because he believes it will get him more votes. As Biden begins to launch more presidential ads about his faith, the cardinal comes forward to say that he’s “not in good standing” as a Catholic – and also identifies that he should not receive Holy Communion. Ouch.

Biden supports abortion – and that’s the simplest reason why Cardinal Burke says that he should not receive Holy Communion. It’s “intrinsically evil.” Wow. That sounds like the sum of the Democratic Party throughout the past year. We’re literally in a war of good versus evil, and even the Catholic religion who has identified the evil. It’s yet another reason why Trump must get the votes – good must prevail.