Sex-Trafficker in Chief!? and It’s Getting Worse! Biden Admin Can’t Account for a Third of Unaccompanied Migrant Children

The Biden administration has failed all of these unaccompanied migrant children and it is a sad sight to see. These children illegally crossed the border because Biden encouraged it. He should have known that there was nothing here for them. Instead, he made this everyone else’s problem and moved onto the next disaster.

Biden’s so busy botching everything, it is hard to see a way forward for him. Now that these children have been released at the border and their sponsors were not properly vetted, the issues are even worse. According to a Freedom of Information Act request that Axios is responsible for submitting, the federal government is in hot water.

15,000 children were released into the interior of the United States over the course of this year. Can you believe that the government has flat out lost contact with at least 5,000 of them? At the moment, all attempts at reaching them over the phone have gone unnoticed. They are not going to reply to any of this.

This is bad enough but the administration also stands accused of not making contact with any of these children. No attempts were even made. 32,000 children and teens were released into the country, with Biden’s administration doing nothing to remain in touch. That’s how stupid and short-sighted they are. Over 30,000 children were made but less than 15,000 check-up calls were made.

They do not care about the fate of these children one iota. Biden only cared about appearing to be progressive and so he opened the border. Did he take even one second to consider what might happen from there? No, he did not. As long as the liberals were giving him on a pat on the back, that’s all that he has ever wanted.

HHS was asked why they are not making any follow up calls but they declined to comment on the matter. The Biden administration’s extreme negligence is going to get a lot of children hurt. Their eagerness to please the far left is going to come at a massive cost. These kids are increasingly likely to get swept up in the world of sex trafficking.

The border is no place for an unsupervised child and that’s essentially what was happened. These sponsors are not truly looking to help out. Bloomberg Law says that the federal government is already investigating whether these children have fallen into the hands of sex traffickers. The sponsors who weren’t vetted do not want to be found now which is a huge shocker! Per Axios:

“While we make every effort to voluntarily check on children after we unite them with parents or sponsors and offer certain post-unification services, we no longer have legal oversight once they leave our custody,” an HHS spokesperson told Axios, adding that many sponsors do not return phone calls or don’t want to be reached out to.”

In the month of July alone, 18,000 children arrived at the border without a parent or guardian. The problem is clearly not getting any better. Biden has personally presided over the loss of thousands of children but he is thick-headed and will clearly plow forward. Heaven forbid that Joe ever admit that he was wrong about something, even if the lives of innocent children are at stake.

Sponsors do not even have to get fingerprinted when they are taking a child from custody at the border. That’s an insane sentence to type and we are sure that readers are flabbergasted, too. That’s how little Biden cares about what happens to these children. Anyone with a pulse can show up and take these children home with them.

He’s hoping that the problem goes away on its own but that’s not how these things work at all. The craziest part of all is that the reporting has yet to catch up to the numbers. Once the numbers fully catch up, the situation is only going to look worse and worse.