Sexualitree: The New Liberal Teaching Tool You Don’t Want in Your Child’s Classroom

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We keep seeing how the liberals want to ruin the minds of school-aged children. They want to teach five and six-year-old kids about gender identity and sexual awareness.

Try as we might, it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to learn about the tools being introduced in the classroom.

And now, it’s about to get worse…

There’s the “Sexualitree,” which comes from the makers of “The Genderbread Person.” It’s far worse than you could even possibly imagine.

Activists have created this supplemental learning device that is intended to teach students about over 45 components of sexuality, according to the Sexualitree website.

The tool explores sexuality on three levels – intimate, relational, and cultural. It goes on to help students “experience” the various aspects of sexuality. As the Daily Caller reports, some of the ways to experience this are through “Abortion, fantasy, fetish, masturbation, medical theory, pornography, sex toys, skin hunger…” and more.

This is not a tool for adults who are looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Nope. This is meant to be rolled out into the classroom. Creators Sam Killermann and Karen Rayne have created a document so that educators know how they can use Sexualitree in the classroom. The document explains that students will have the ability to “brainstorm about the ways that their culture tells them sexuality should be.” It allows them to brainstorm with friends, family, and peers so that they can engage in sexuality.

Whatever happened to the idea of kids being kids? Since when do we need elementary or middle school students experiencing sexuality? There’s no need to introduce this to kids, even before they have had a chance to go through puberty.

All of the questions within this tool will have parents screaming due to the inappropriateness based on the age of their children. Some of the questions that educators are to encourage students to ask include “What can they learn from this as it applies to their personal lives? How might this framework help them in dialogue with their families, friends, and partners?”

The only thing that the Sexualitree aims to do is get kids involved in sex and sexuality at far too young of an age. It’s going to lead to experimentation – early pregnancy – and, wait for it, possibly abortions.

This is something that is being discussed by left-wing educators to introduce into the classrooms. It’s no wonder why conservatives like Ron DeSantis have felt the need to pass laws that prevent such things from entering the classroom, at least at young ages.

Killermann clearly is a left-wing activist – and he’s responsible for another learning device known as the “Genderbread Person.” This will help to provide students with a more thorough understanding of gender identity and sexuality. This is also the same man who has created gender-neutral bathroom signs.

If you’re wondering what needs to be done, there are already concerned parent organizations pushing back. Nicki Neily, the founder, and president of Parents Defending Organization recently told the Daily Caller that this material is most likely to be introduced to students who are “not intellectually or emotionally mature enough” to handle such topics.

Realistically, is anyone intellectually or emotionally mature enough to be poisoned by such nonsense?

We can only hope that the Sexualitree doesn’t make it into any elementary school curriculums. If you see it pop up in your own child’s classroom, it might be time to consider homeschooling…