Should We Believe Kamala Harris Now That She Says Vaccine is Painless and Safe?

Even as Biden promised to bring unity, Kamala Harris worked to be divisive. If the U.S. ever expects to put an end to the pandemic, it means that there has to be a united front. The federal government has to send one unified message to Americans about the best way to heal – and that means taking the vaccine.

But, no. For months, Kamala Harris threw temper tantrums about how she wasn’t going to take the vaccine if Donald Trump told her to take it. She claimed it wouldn’t be safe. She said she’d only take it if the CDC and Dr. Fauci told her to take it.

Now, she’s the Vice President-elect. All eyes are on her. She has to take it, even though Donald Trump is still in office. The FDA approved the vaccine, though, so she shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Harris has finally given in. Pence has been vaccinated, so now it’s up to her to step up to the plate and get the shot. Otherwise, she’d prove to Americans that she’s as petty as many believe that she is.

She finally took the coronavirus vaccine and did so publicly.

The VP-elect received the Moderna vaccine, the first of two shots at the United Medical Center in Washington DC. The event was actually promoted live on three cable networks.

After receiving the shot, she told Americans that it’s “relatively painless” and that “it is safe.”

She’s now encouraging everyone to get the vaccine. She’s apparently changed her mind and is willing to go along with the plan.

Trump has been pushing for a vaccine from the very beginning. Millions of dollars were donated to research and scientists from around the globe rallied together to make it happen.

While it may be rushed, it’s because of the urgency. It’s safe – the FDA is one of the more stringent regulatory bodies in the world. It took longer for the FDA to approve for U.S. usage than in other countries, but it’s been approved, nonetheless.

Kamala Harris was simply bitter. She didn’t want to have to thank President Trump for the warp speed in which he got the vaccine out to Americans. She still hasn’t thanked him – but Biden has.

If it were up to her, she would have preferred to be in office by the time the vaccine became available. She wanted the Biden-Harris administration to take credit for helping Americans. The reality is that it couldn’t wait.

Americans need the help now. If she didn’t get the vaccine and tell everyone that it was safe, she’d be the one blamed for why so many Democrats choose not to get vaccinated. She had no choice but to let her pettiness subside.

Mike Pence set her straight during the VP debate that happened in October. He accused her of undermining public confidence in any vaccine that would be approved during the Trump administration. He called what she was doing “unconscionable” and that she “stop playing politics with peoples’ lives.”

Well said, Mr. Vice President. And now, Harris has had to smile and tell everyone that she’s willing to play nice. She’s got the first shot and she’s done what she had to in order to increase public confidence in the vaccine.

This is not a partisan issue. It shouldn’t be that the Republicans are promoting the vaccines and the Democrats are going against it. This is not about politics – it’s about public health.

As a result, major political leaders on both sides of the line have been publicly vaccinated, including Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have all promised to be vaccinated publicly as well in order to instill confidence.

It appears that minority communities are more skeptical about getting the COVID vaccine. Now that Kamala Harris has had to eat her words, perhaps it will help the minorities she is supposedly fighting for.