Sickening! California Man Forces Woman To Induce Abortion

For years, the country laughed at “Florida man” with all of the crazy antics. Every time there was some ridiculous headline about a man doing something, either with an alligator or while intoxicated, it would almost always be as a result of a man in Florida.

Now, it seems all of those memes are being replaced by “California man.” Every time there is a cringe-worthy headline, either regarding abortions, homeless foul play, or something else, it turns out that the man is from California.

The most recent headline of California man is enough to make anyone sick.

A man in California is facing several charges as a result of making his girlfriend ingest multiple pills in order to induce a miscarriage.

Jagmeet Sandhu, a 23-year-old man from Bakersfield, California, is facing first-degree murder as well as other charges for holding his pregnant girlfriend at gunpoint to take pills, which resulted in the death of her unborn child.

The Bakersfield Police Department is now investigating as a result of a 911 call that came from Sandhu’s girlfriend’s family, identifying that he held her at gunpoint and forced her to take “unknown” pills.

Police found the expectant mother, unnamed, being treated at a local hospital. She corroborated the story, and as a result of the incident, she lost her baby.

Officers conducted a full investigation, including executing search warrants. This allowed them to find evidence that corroborated the allegations against Jagmeet Sandhu.

Sandhu clearly did not want to be a father, though there were attentive other ways that he could have gone around this process. California may be progressive but they’re not so progressive that they will allow a man to force an abortion on a woman. The state’s stance is that it’s the woman’s choice to have an abortion – not the choice of the deadbeat father who clearly thinks that it’s a good idea to hold his girlfriend at gunpoint.

Sandhu is currently being held without bail at the Kern County Jail. He faces a total of five felony charges as well as the murder charge. This includes assault with a firearm, first-degree burglary, and inflicting injury on a spouse/cohabitant. His hearing will be held later on in the week.

Jagmeet Sandhu clearly did not think the entire situation through, considering that the woman was his girlfriend. After being held at gunpoint and being required to swallow multiple pills that result in the death of her unborn child, it would be hard to conceive that the relationship will progress.

Police officers did not identify the types of pills that she ingested and whether she suffered any health problems as a result of the pills. It is suspected that Sandhu had her take specific pills that he knew would result in a miscarriage. Forcing a miscarriage, essentially, is the same as an abortion, especially when it is early on.

The news did not release how far into the pregnancy Sandhu’s girlfriend was. However, most clinics, especially in California, will provide abortion services to women who don’t want the pregnancy leading as far as into the end of the second trimester. With Sandhu taking such severe measures in order to prevent the unborn child from living, it begs the question of whether his girlfriend wanted to keep the baby. Otherwise, she could have simply gone to a clinic and taken care of the pregnancy.

Jagmeet Sandhu may not realize that he has now reached the same level of stupidity as the many headlines of Florida Man for his actions. With Florida Man, the only one that he typically ever hurt was himself. However, California Man didn’t hurt himself – he hurt others. Not only did he hold his girlfriend at gunpoint but he took it to the extreme to the point that she suffered a miscarriage.

The good news is that Sandhu will have to pay for his actions. While he awaits trial, the girlfriend is probably relieved to find that he is going to pay for the alleged crimes with felony charges that could result in a significant amount of time behind bars. Meanwhile, women everywhere are going to make sure that they remember who this guy is so that they don’t accidentally get pregnant by him in the event that he ever sees the light of day again.

Abortions may be legal, but no man should have the right to hold a woman at gunpoint to make sure that it happens. Way to go, California Man. You have given a reason for Florida Man to take a much-needed vacation.