Siege on Supreme Court Begins as Democrats Introduce Packing Bill

Greed is the trademark of the Democratic Party. They love power and will do anything to get more of it. And if that means destroying the foundational laws of America, they are willing to take those steps. They cannot help themselves because they are driven by their greed and lust for things that they cannot have. Their latest endeavor is to find a way to pack the Supreme Court with enough liberal judges so they can have free reign to pass their socialist bills.

At both levels of the legislature, the liberals are standing by to bring forth a bill that will specifically pack the court. The blatant attack on American freedom has begun. And it looks like they are going to overrun the Constitution. But with every assault on American freedom comes a list of consequences that they have not thought about.

Ed Markey and Jerry Nadler are just two of the selfish kids looking to change the rules and status quo. They do not like the rules and safeguards that have defined Americans for nearly three centuries. Somehow they believe that they are unique, and their party should have special treatment.

Monday Jones is another liberal that adamantly supports the idea. He stated in a tweet that “Supreme Court expansion is infrastructure.” The redefining of terminology has led to the Democrats being able to label just about anything as infrastructure. Liberals are fighting a battle on several fronts so they can keep everyone else confused as to what their end game looks like.

Jones was the first liberal that just could not keep his big mouth shut. Biden’s crazy man dictionary has opened a whole new world up to them. Each time he invents a new word, they take to the task of placing a definition to give it substance and meaning. Each new word gives them new power to do what they want with laws and regulations.

The very idea of packing the court is nothing new. As much as Nadler would love to have thought up the idea, they are just copying it from another generation. Roosevelt was the last person to attempt to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court. He had an idea of increasing the number to 15 to push through his New Deal ideas.

The problem that he faced was that the rest of his party did not like the idea because they saw what it could lead to, and they were not willing to take those steps. They did not want to destroy America because it is the only place in the world where absolute freedom exists.

There is a reason why people flock to the borders of the country. These immigrants want to escape the horrors of their socialist regime. The Democrats fail to understand that point. And at a time in the future when the immigrants can vote, they are going to join forces with the Republicans to shut down the horrible things the Democrats are doing to the country.

Senator Tom Cotton has voiced that the Supreme Court is about to be destroyed by this very idea. Benny Johnson, with the TPUSA, stated that socialist Ruth Bader Ginsberg hated the idea. And David Harsanyi with the National Review stated a quote from Roosevelt that “FDR’s Court-packing scheme, wrote the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee in 1937, ‘is a measure which should be so emphatically rejected that its parallel will never again be presented to the free representatives of the free people of America.’”

The Democrats have long ignored the importance of the Supreme Court. Harsanyi proved his point when he stated that “Today, modern progressives, intent on centralizing state power and nullifying constitutional protections for the minority, disagree. After spending four years delegitimizing the Supreme Court, they’ve convinced Joe Biden to create the ‘Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court,’ which is another step in normalizing the idea of packing the Supreme Court.”

The senators trying to crush the country must be stopped. The people of the United States deserve better than what they have in leadership Today. The career politicians think they are safe because they have districts that are liberal. But irony has a funny way of making clowns out of Democrats.