Small Business Shows Support for Law Enforcement Only to Become Target of Anti-police Mob

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San Francisco, California, has become one of America’s least favorite cities to visit. The city has fallen into the hands of the Democratic Party, which has systematically turned the place into a criminal’s paradise. And any person or business that is willing to support law enforcement is immediately targeted by hate groups that will not support the men and women tasked with keeping people safe in the city.

The criminals and anti-police thugs are still in the process of trying to defund the police. They found out that a small ice cream shop was hosting an event to show their support for law enforcement and decided to stop by and harass people out to enjoy ice cream with a cop.

The San Francisco Police Department showed up at Joe’s Ice Cream shop to mingle. The event was put on and hosted by the police force and SF SAFE, an organization known to work with the police to keep the community safe.

The mob showed up in force and immediately started yelling slang and threatening comments at everyone. The Daily Wire noted that people were yelling “‘ f*** the police,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and other anti-police slogans. One protester, speaking into a microphone, claims that the police are ‘on trial for murder’ and that black people face a ‘genocide.’ At one point, the protester yells ‘you should be ashamed of yourselves taking a family taking a picture with a police officer. ‘Yeah, cover your ears,’ one protester yells.” the protesters continue to yell at customers and blare loud music, causing them to cover their ears and turn away.

The mob could not leave innocent families alone while they showed up to give their support to the officers who risk their lives to keep people safe.

The shop owner is Alice Kim. Kim and her husband tried to speak with the mob but could not communicate well with them. The couple had suffered damage from other riots before, and they were trying to tell the mob that the police were there to help them. But their efforts fell on deaf ears because the mob did not want to listen to what they were being told. All they cared about was making the event miserable for everyone involved.

The mob was so nasty and violent that many kids were scared for their safety. The families that showed up to support the officers were there with their children to show that the police are not harmful like the mob outside was making them out to be. And yet none of the videos that the mob posted ever showed the horrible effect they had on the young children.

The rioters wanted to make it seem like the police were evil and hurt innocent people. They even attacked eating ice cream with the police by claiming that it was just a propaganda moment for the police.

The Daily Wire found and reported that even the city leaders hate the police. One member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors named Dean Preston stated that “Our city departments’ press units should be used to share factual information, not to sensationalize and spin crime data, undermine police oversight, or normalize racial disparities in use of force against people of color within our city.” He could not bring his liberal heart to admit that he lives safe and sound because of the sacrifice that the police officers make every day.

All the Kim family wanted to do was host an event to help people understand that the police are not the thugs the Democrats make them out to be. The mob made their point and clearly showed that they had no regard for the safety of other citizens that happened to be at the event. They were willing to hurt people and hurl insults at them rather than letting them be to enjoy a fun day out with law enforcement.