Social Media Threats for Mass Shootings Across America

It seems like every time there is a mass shooting, some idiot has to play games online and try to scare the public even more than they already are.  As domestic terrorists try to outdo one another, Walmarts across the country seems to be the target of terror.

People who shop there and workers who work there are all alarmed by another threat which has spread across social media since Friday.  At a Walmart store in Kansas City, authorities are conducting an ongoing investigation for the social media post, “biggest mass shooting in modern American history.”

A terror threat was posted to Reddit by a person who is saying they have 22 pipe bombs, two AR-15 semi-automatic weapons, and they are claiming the mass shooting will happen either in Independence, Missouri or in Kansas City, Kansas at a Walmart.

The Reddit username is “Austin Vanbibber,” and they are saying they are from Independence, Missouri.  The post continues, stating they will “attack with a friend and a large note will be placed on their phones to reveal more information about the motives.”

The FBI and multiple law enforcement agencies are taking the threats very seriously and are investigating everything.

No information, according to Kansas City Police Detective Robert Jorgenson, can be released at this time on if they have a suspect identified or any other details until the investigation is over.

But should the public need to know information concerning an emergency, the public will be notified accordingly.  The Kansas City Police Department has placed off-duty officers at the mentioned Walmarts for added protection for security while the investigations are taking place.

A Walmart spokeswoman put out a statement regarding the post stating they are “in close contact with all the stores.”  She added, “We take threats like this seriously and have added additional security as appropriate.  We will continue to help federal and local authorities with their investigation to determine the source and any credibility of a threat, which has not been substantiated.”

The Kansas City Police Department put out a post on Facebook to keep in touch with the public, and they are also speaking with local news stations if any other information needs to get out to the public in a hurry.

The post and the updated post read, “We are getting a ton of messages right now regarding a threat of violence at a local WalMart that was posted on Reddit and elsewhere. We became aware of this threat yesterday and have been working with our federal partners to address it. Thank you for your vigilance.”

The updated version read, “UPDATE:  As of this morning, we are working closely with the FBI and other law enforcement partners to investigate this threat and vet the information that is being developed. Thank you to everyone that has been keeping an eye out and alerting us to this concerning post.”

Recently there were several Walmarts targeted like the one in El Paso, Texas, and Southaven, Mississippi.  Twenty-two people have died in El Paso, and two died in Southhaven.  To have this much in one week’s time frame is putting everyone on edge.

One worker who works at a Walmart in Connecticut stated, “At the end of the day if someone wants to walk in my store with an AK-47 and start shooting there’s nothing I can do about it.  It’s unfortunate that’s the world we live in.”

Another worker stated, “The threat of shootings is pervasive in all public spaces, and there’s nothing Walmart can do beyond its current security and training measures to protect against potential threats.”

Amid all the fear from the workers, a Walmart spokesman reached out to the associates and stated, “Nothing is more important to us that the safety of our associates. Anytime an associate has a concern, a question or something doesn’t feel right, we want them reaching out and raising those concerns.”

Many of the Walmarts have set up emergency mandatory meetings across the country to discuss evacuation and safety issues should such a tragic event arise.

In Michigan, Ashley Brown stated, “I have been thinking about a plan of escape in the case of a violent act.”  A cashier added, “My line of defense is either run out the nearest door or somehow make it to the back.”

Many who feel safer carrying a gun had this to say, “I don’t really feel safe.  My state has concealed carry, and associates aren’t allowed to arm themselves.”