Someone Take His Pen! Biden’s Writing Too Many Executive Orders

Seriously, someone needs to take President Biden’s pen away from him. He’s closing in on writing more executive orders within his first four weeks as president than Trump wrote in his four years as president.

This is supposed to be a democracy. The only thing that Biden has proven is that he doesn’t plan on working very closely with the House or Senate. If he can write it as an executive order, why slow down the process by going through Congress?

Most of what Biden has written in his executive orders aren’t even helping the country. If anything, they’re hurting us tremendously.

Joe Biden isn’t concerned about helping America. He’s concerned about looking good and erasing anything that could be considered a Trump legacy.

In four years as president, Donald Trump wrote a number of pieces of legislature that helped our country. It allowed us to grow, strengthen our military, and keep us out of wars with foreign nations.

Now, Biden is writing executive orders to go back on agreements and get us back into agreements that are going to cost us too much money and put us in harm’s way.

Does Biden have some kind of schedule that he hasn’t shared with the rest of the country? Is there a ticking time bomb of urgency that we’re not aware of? He is writing the orders with such speed that it begs the question of why.

Why do certain things have to be written as an executive order? And why so quickly?

There are a lot of things that should require a bit more thought. Biden wants them, therefore, they become law.

Whoa…let’s slow down here a bit. Shouldn’t we look at the repercussions of some of these orders, first?

One of the latest rounds of executive orders focuses on racial equity. Of course, equity is good. This was a key campaign promise that Biden made, which coincided with many of the racial protests that took place this past summer. Great – make good on a promise. However, does it have to be done within the first month?

Biden believes that the death of George Floyd “opened the eyes of millions.”

Of police brutality? Sure. Of a double standard, though? No.

Biden has already directed the Department of Justice not to renew contracts with private prison operators. He also wants to identify how the federal government has been discriminatory in its housing policy.

Susan Rice, the head of the White House Domestic Policy Council, explains that “President Biden is committed to reducing mass incarceration while making our communities safer.”

This sounds like an oxymoron. If there are people breaking the law, they need to be incarcerated. If they’re not in prison and they don’t want to follow the laws, the communities aren’t going to be safer with criminals roaming the streets.

Just ask anyone in a sanctuary city how safe they feel.

Rice went on to explain that “Advancing equity is a critical part of healing and of restoring unity in our nation.”

What exactly does “advancing equity” mean? Right now, everyone, regardless of color, has access to the same education and job opportunities. Anyone making below a certain amount has access to various government programs.

The only thing Biden’s executive orders are doing is spending more money on federal aid so that people can feel better about the situation. There are already scholarships and opportunities – but people have to use them.

We cannot continue to give people access to welfare for generations and then act shocked when they’re still on it 20 years from now and still complaining that they don’t feel as though they’re being treated equally.

Biden’s operating under this assumption that the country suffers from systemic racism. Why? Because that’s what he’s been told by the minorities who want to flip the switch. They want to make those who work for a living pay for those who would rather stay at home and feed off of the government.

“Unity and healing must begin with understanding and truth, not ignorance and lies,” Biden says.

Agreed. Put the pen down and listen to the real truth.