Squad Gets Exactly What They Deserve from Their Own Corrupt Party

The country loves to watch the Democratic fight among themselves for what they want in America. Each liberal is so self-centered that they are not willing to work with anyone. Even the best of so-called friends such as the squad are not willing to work well if their opinions differ from each other.

And now that the Joe Biden team has their foot in the door for power, they are unwilling to work with the squad or their progressive followers.

The half-wits that make up the squad live in a world where they believe they are entitled to anything that they want just because they are whiny brats. The progressive click wanted Biden to give them seats on his cabinet so they could influence their hurtful agenda on him.

Joe Biden wants to appoint Bruce Reed to his cabinet, but the squad is upset because they are being ignored. Biden is pushing forward to install people that he wants to work under him.

AOC is the worst complainer. She wants to see Reed evaporate from existence.

The progressive filed a petition that demanded that Reed not be chosen. The document read, “Putting someone in the administration who will prioritize paying down the deficit ahead of all other concerns in charge is a recipe for cutting our earned benefits and turning the COVID recession into a depression. Rejecting Reed will be a major test for the soul of the Biden presidency.”

Everyone has an opinion as to who to serve under a president. When President Trump chose his first-round picks, there was an outcry from the left because none of their people were considered.

The petition went on to read that “Joe Biden must not repeat Obama’s mistake. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ran on strong promises to protect and expand Social Security.” The progressives were never able to bully Obama, and they are hoping the Biden is just the opposite. But so far, he is just another copy of Obama.

Bruce Reed is not an all-time favorite of very many people. He proposed cutting to social security and Medicare as a way of cutting expenses. This did not sit well with a lot of people.

But people like AOC, Omar, and Tlaib were taken back at the thought of cutting expenses. Democrats are all about the money, and they never cut things out.

Reed was a person that wanted to get the deficit under control. That may seem like a good idea, but the way he wanted to do it was just unfathomable. Deep within the bowels of the Democratic Party, there is a movement that seeks to throw up all over the set leadership.

The crying of the younger liberals is the movement behind AOC and her attempt to rid the party of the old liberals. She sees them as another blockade to her gaining real power.

Even if AOC were to sit where Pelosi resides, it would not be enough for her. She is greedy and power-hungry.

The squad gets what they had coming to them by choosing Biden and supporting him in the race for the White House. They are learning as young people that their beloved party is full of fraud and greed, and there is nothing that any of them would not do to get it all.

One would expect the media to jump all over the divide that is widening in the liberal party. But the liberals that fund the media have asked that they keep it quiet. The media only reports favorable news about the Democratic Party since the communists in China now control them.

AOC will not be able to stay quiet for much longer. Every time someone hurts her in any fashion, she just has to go on and tweet her objection. She lives in the girl’s locker room of the high school, where she can spread her hateful gossip without fear of rejection.

This is something that the Republicans can capitalize on moving forward. A split liberal party only gives more ground to the Republicans who stand as a united party. The red wave is coming, and it will be here very soon.