Stacey Abrams’ Loss Grew Her Net Worth…Interesting

Jamie Lamor Thompson /

Usually, when a political candidate loses a race, especially a high-profile one such as for the governorship, their prestige and respectability often diminishes. After all, they failed, right? As a result, their overall net worth also typically drops, as most people are no longer willing to pay into or support someone who couldn’t even get into office, let alone do what they promised.

However, it would seem that for those like failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate for Georgia, Stacey Abrams, her nationally known loss has had the opposite effect.

To be sure, her failure has undoubtedly caused a few to second guess their support of her. However, thanks to her never-ending prattling about how that election was “stolen,” she has now upped her net worth by some 3000 percent.

And no, I’m not kidding.

According to financial statements from right before her loss in 2018, her net worth was around $109,000, a modest wage for a woman of her political standing. But now, that worth has risen to more than $3 million.

So what happened?

Well, as you well know, she lost her bid for the governorship of Georgia in 2018. But rather than bow out gracefully, like most political losers, Abrams claims that she was cheated out of her rightful seat by a warped and misguided electoral system that suppressed the voices of the state’s voters. In fact, four years later and she has still yet to concede her defeat. It is to be noted that she lost by more than 55,000 votes, which is no small margin in the state.

Nevertheless, she swears that the people of Georgia wanted her to be their leader, yet their voices were silenced by the powers that be and our oppressive voting system.

Naturally, since that day, she has seemingly made it her life’s mission to fix that system, restore a voice back to the people, as well as make her way into the halls of fame.

And while she’s not done an exceptional job of the former, she has certainly achieved at least some national status, if only as a sore loser.

But, if you didn’t know it already, that title pays quite well in the Democratic Party – particularly if you can use both race and the idea of voter suppression.

The placement of her party into the highest seats of power, and a presidential election the likes of which this nation has never seen before, don’t hurt either.

As The Associated Press reported, more recent financial statements for Abrams show that she earned some $3.65 million in 2021 alone. Her 37 speeches delivered that year is where most of that came from. Of course, she also has a few books out and has made some rather big TV appearances, all in support of her claims that voter suppression stole her future from her.

However, it’s important to note that Abrams has a few other sources of incoming revenue that are unsurprisingly not listed as a source of income for those years. You know, like the funds that she no doubt has received from her voting activist organization, Fair Fight Action. Additionally, she has some rather close associations with a financial technology company she co-founded in 2021 known as Now Corp., which got its start from an infusion of some $29 million in cash, according to AtlantaInno.

Thanks to these endeavors, Abrams is now completely debt-free and living on cloud nine, which couldn’t be said of her back in 2018.

Records for that year show a woman who owed the IRS around $54,000, had $83,000 in credit card debt, and owed another $96,000 in student loans. And yet, by some miracle, they were all paid off by the end of 2019, a mere year after she had lost her gubernatorial race and claimed her title as the nation’s most pathetic loser.

What is even more bizarre about her rise in both fame and financial status is that it all came about by doing exactly what the Republican Party has been shamed for in the last year. Remember when former President Donald Trump claimed that the 2020 election wasn’t exactly fair?

Those on the political left, including Abrams, jumped at the chance to call him a liar and supposedly prove him wrong. Hell, he was even impeached for inciting insurrection over it.

And yet, Abrams is allowed to proclaim the same from the rooftops and is even paid for it.

Talk about a double standard…