States Want Supreme Court to Overturn Coal Ban

The Democrats hate everything that has to do with natural resources. They all have bought into the lies that excessive mining and drilling are going to be the end of the world.

For years, they have strangled natural resources to the point that it is hard for the material to come to the market. Under Obama, the Democrats almost killed the coal industry. But President Trump was able to change the regulations which allowed the industry to make a comeback.

Even at the state level, there have been battles. The Democratic legislature of Washington state blocked a coal terminal that was supposed to be built back in 2018. Six states that mine and produce coal in the west were planning on using the terminal to sell the coal to the eastern markets.

But that was before Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington state, and his fellow deceived Democrats bought into the climate change propaganda being pushed by ignorant environmentalists.

Inslee blocked the terminal from being built. And now Wyoming and Montana are suing the state for violating federal law which allows such facilities to be built. Wyoming and Montana have asked the Supreme Court to overturn the illegal decision of the Democrats to block the sale of natural resources to the rest of the world. This is just one of the many ways that the Democrats love to make life hard for the average American.

The Democrats weave webs that are so dense that it is almost impossible to navigate through them. When companies do finally find a way to make money, they change the laws again to keep prosperity at all-time lows.

This is exactly what Obama was doing right before he left office. He messed up so many industries that it took President Trump nearly three years to clean up the mess.

The illegal actions of the Democrats, in this case, have tied the hands of coal producers for two years. Mark Gordon, who is the Governor of Wyoming, has brought the challenge of “original jurisdiction.”

This allows a challenge between states to come before the Supreme Court and bypass the lower courts. In this way, the matter can be resolved quickly so the coal producers can start up production again.

Inslee and his demon followers rejected a water permit that was crucial to the building of the terminal. This was their way to silently refuse to allow the coal to be mined. The refusal to approve the water permit has indeed interfered with the trade of the interior coal-producing states with the nations of Asia. Washington maintains that they are simply protecting their waterways from pollution.

The terminal was set to be built near the Columbia River. It would load the coal from train cars and then take the coal to the markets in Asia. No pollution would be transmitted as the resource would simply be loaded onto a ship and then it would head out to sea.

This case is more about the right to freely engage in the free enterprise than it is about climate change. The Democrats hate growth and free enterprise. So, they look for ways to keep it from happening.

Gordon and his partner Tim Fox, who is the Attorney General of Montana maintain that the Democrats are violating sections of the constitution that protects trade. They violate the Dormant Commerce Clause and the Foreign Commerce Clause. Gordon pointed out that “Wyoming’s ability to export one of our greatest natural resources is being blocked unlawfully.”

The Democrats have pushed coal production to nearly nothing when they were in the White House. The interior state producers need an outlet for their product to Asia to make up the difference between what the United States no longer burns and what they need to grow by.

The developer of the terminal is fighting the law in the lower courts, but the states have taken it to the Supreme Court where their voice will be heard. The demonic Democrats want to keep the coal industry from growing because they believe that it hurts people. But coal is one of the cleanest burning fuels around.