Supreme Court Hearing Cases That Can Alter the Electoral Votes

Cases within the Supreme Court are now in session and hearing challenges to the Electoral College. These cases could alter everything we have done for over 200 years within the Presidential Election.

The challenges are no doubt those from the dirtiest Democrats and the deep state. “Faithless electors” are what they are being called, and demanding those who are on the Electoral College be able to alter their votes according to their personal preference versus the state’s popular vote.

How far is too far when it comes to these idiots who try to overturn the Constitution of the United States? It is highly unlikely this will pass in the nation’s highest court to allow “faithless electors.” Just the thought of it being brought to the Supreme Court is scary enough.

As it stands, those who are in the Electoral College are the ones who elect the President. It consists of 538 electors who vote accordingly to the states’ electoral votes, not the popular vote of the country.

If the popular vote were to be counted, only a handful of states would determine who wins the presidency. Unfortunately, all the states that matter is Democrat and are the most populated in the country.

Those who are opposing the system are pushing for the electors to become free agents. This means they want the electors to vote by the public’s choice for President. Today, when this happens, the vote is automatically thrown away.

The case being taken up is if the popular vote is close in a state, Democrats want it to be in the hands of the electors to decide their own vote. Naturally, those states would already be blue.

The Electoral College must follow the states’ laws and vote honestly. It is ashamed to say many people in America do not understand how the Electoral College works.

Voters vote in November. The Electoral College meets in December and cast their votes, and Congress counts the votes in January. The people are voting toward the electoral votes, not the popular vote.

“Faithless Electors have not been an issue throughout American history until now. This is due to all of the corruption Democrats have poisoned our system with. Some of the electors went against the grain and voted for anyone but Trump and Hillary. Their votes were cast out, and the electors were fined.

One of the electors, Michael Baca, explained why he voted for neither Trump nor Hillary and cast his electoral vote for Republican Governor John Kasich in the 2016 election. Baca told NBC News, “I thought we would need electors who would choose a moderate compromise candidate. We wanted to put our country before party and maybe throw the election (into) the House of Representatives.”

This is not how our system works, but Baca sued the state of Colorado after he was removed from the Electoral College. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled in Baca’s favor. It stated electors can vote for whomever they wish. Now it is in the Supreme Court and rest assured, it will go according to the law of the land.

If this is how it was meant to work, Hillary would have defeated President Trump in the 2016 election. This opens up another window of opportunity for Democrats to cheat if electors can choose who they want over the state’s popular vote.

Once again, this would make it pointless for people to vote if electors have full power over the people. They work for us, not the other way around. Isn’t that what Democrats want, though? The states can choose who is in the Electoral College. How easy it would be for Democrats to put who they want to vote for their candidate.

The United States Supreme Court already took up this type of case in 1952, and it clearly stated the states were not allowed to violate the Constitution of the United States of America. The states required electors to follow and pledge they would go by the popular vote in their state.

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard law professor, stated, “The structure of the Constitution, as interpreted by this court over our 230-year history, prohibits the states from interfering with the exercise of this plainly federal function.”

Lessig stated he is in favor and hopes the Supreme Court will clarify that the electors within the Electoral College abide by the rules of voting according to the popular vote of each state.