Supreme Leader Biden Redefines the Constitution! if You Obey His Ridiculous COVID BS You May Have the Freedom to Celebrate 4th of July

“The virus is spreading because we have too many people who see the end in sight, think we’re at the finish line,” said Biden. “Let me be deadly earnest with you: we aren’t at the finish line…We’re still in a life and death race against this virus.” He’s got something resembling a point here but the delivery is as heavy-handed as it gets.

Americans were previously told that they needed to do their part and continue to take the same precautions if they wanted to be able to enjoy a 4th of July celebration. Now, the tune has changed and only Americans who are vaccinated are being told that they have the ability to celebrate. It did not take him long to reverse course on this one at all.

“If we take the precautions I’ve been talking about, you’ll be able to have a 4th of July — an Independence Day on July the 4th … So you’re able to get in the backyard with a small group of people … because you’ve been vaccinated,” he claims. This is so much different than the way he was talking before. You would think that he would come to a few simple realizations.

America is in a state of pandemic fatigue. Even the folks who have been dutifully masking up and staying indoors are not going to be able to endure another summer of this. People cannot be asked to throw away the better part of two years because Biden cannot seem to make up his mind about what needs to be done.

These are the types of remarks that are going to cause people to lose faith. Biden is right to tell people that we are not quite at the finish line yet but he keeps making the timeline so indefinite. We went from being told that we would be back to a semblance of normalcy by the 4th to being told that only the vaccinated would have that luxury.

How much longer does he expect people to wait? He might think that the liberals who stand with him are willing to go the distance with this but everyone has a limit. People have been stuck inside for over a year, going without all sorts of important human contact.

Americans who have not hugged their grandparents or spent any meaningful time with their loved ones outside of a video chat are not going to be on board with this for much longer. The people need a more definitive timeline if they are going to be able to stomach any more precautions.

At this point, Biden needs to give up on summer and at least give parents something to count on when it comes to schools being reopened. If he thinks that people are reaching their breaking point now, what is going to happen when they have surrendered another summer? Parents who have been inside with their little ones for what seems like eons now are going to be ready to march against themselves if they are told that this is going to continue into the fall. He hasn’t thought about it, has he?

Of course he hasn’t. All Biden can do is pander to the Democrats who want to keep everything closed and continue to live in a state of constant fear. The national psyche is fraying in front of his tired, old eyes and he cannot seem to muster the courage to do what is right. The disapproval rates that are already skyrocketing are sure to get worse and worse as the year goes on. The great national uniter strikes again, everyone!