Surprise! Biden’s COVID Nazis Warn Schools Won’t Open on Schedule to Keep COVID Panic Alive Through 2022 Elections

Parents who reside in blue states are playing with their children’s educations right now. These states cannot seem to fully commit to re-opening their schools and with classes about to start in a month? This is a major problem. We would have moved to another state if we were these families but that’s just our personal take on the matter. Mileage can vary.

Come high or high water, we believe that the vast majority of schools are going to be open. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC and AFT President Randi Weingarten have all offered up their endorsements. It’s going to be hard to go back on the plan now.

Of course, these organizations have all left themselves with an escape clause. They all seem to agree that schools should be open on a conditional basis, as long as teachers and students are able to remain safe. The necessary precautions seem to have been taken, though. All kids 12 and up are eligible to be vaccinated and regardless of vaccination status, students will be asked to wear masks.

We are not sure why they are spouting off about “trying”. In the words of Yoda, this is a do or do not situation. Trying should not even be part of anyone’s vocabulary at this point. For example, Weingarten is not even willing to give a yes or no answer about the matter. They are trying their best to work our nerves, that’s for sure. That’s the only attempt that we have noticed.

It’s hedging, for sure. We find her comments to be pretty weaselly, too, but that’s neither here nor there. That’s the type of talk that we expect from her. Jay Powell’s latest remarks are a bit more worrying. We are not quite sure what has gotten into him at the moment. KTVZ has more:

“As vaccinations rise we can nonetheless get back to our economic activity,” he added. That’s why it’s imperative that people around the world get their shots.

The Delta variant likely won’t bring about another significant lockdown, Powell said, but “you could imagine school districts to wait a month or two” to open, he said.”

Powell speaking up like this now is a surprise but we are even more surprised by the reasonable response that came from Andrew Cuomo. Morgan McKay shared his latest commentary on her Twitter account:

“@NYGovCuomo admits mandating vaccinations is an “aggressive step.” “Department of Justice just in a memo says an employer can mandate an employee get vaccinated,” Cuomo says. “There will be pushback and I’m going to be having more conversations with the unions about it.”

Cuomo on if teachers will be required to get vaccinated: “I think the school districts have to keep a very close eye on the numbers. If the numbers continue to grow, I think they have to consider dramatic action.”

Vaccine mandates for all of the teachers at these is one of the best solutions that can be implemented but as you would expect, the unions are dragging their feet. Reason’s Matt Welch has pointed out one of the main issues with all of this fear-mongering. By creating all of this anxiety, they are only emboldening schools to close their doors once again.

“This is irrational restrictionism, inflicted on a population that has suffered the most from COVID policy while suffering the least from COVID,” he says. Dr. Fauci has weighed in on the topic as well and his comments are absolutely ridiculous. He claims that the CDC has not flip-flopped on mask guidance, even though they totally have.

This is classic Fauci, isn’t it? He loves to lie right in our faces about all of this and the Democrats are more than happy to sit idly by and allow it to happen. The soundbites that he has to offer at the moment are not soothing anyone’s concerns. It’s like he lives to pour gasoline on the fire and make everyone’s anxiety even worse.