Tara Reade Opens Up About Joe Biden to Megyn Kelly

The Tara Reade story took a decided turn when it was revealed that the accuser of Joe Biden sat down for her first video interview with Megyn Kelly. Kelly, who used to work for Fox News and then NBC, has been working as an independent journalist.

The Daily Beast notes that the interview with Reade was an important get, beating out the more established talking heads like Chris Wallace at Fox or Don Lemon at CNN. It turns out that Reade reached out to Kelly and not the other way around.

Kelly jetted off to the west coast with her producer Rich McHugh and interviewed Reade for about an hour in an undisclosed location. Kelly described the interview, which as of this writing has yet to drop on her Instagram page.

“It was emotional, it was powerful, and I asked her all the tough questions. But to her credit, she said that’s what she wanted. She knows me and my work and she said I knew you’d ask me tough questions. But I knew you were trauma-informed.” That last was a reference to the sexual harassment Kelly suffered at the hands of Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox News. The revelations of Ailes’ mistreatment of female staff at FNC ended his career,

The parts of the interview that are available so far show Reade demanding that Biden drops out of the face. As for an apology for what the former vice president allegedly did so long ago, Reade opined that 27 years later it was much too late for that. The end of Biden’s political career will suffice as far as she is concerned.

In the meantime, Reade has retained the services of Douglas Wigdor, a prominent workplace harassment attorney who has previously represented several of Harvey Weinstein’s victims. The hiring suggests that Biden may be in for some heavy-duty civil litigation. New York Magazine was careful to note that Wigdor is a supporter of President Donald Trump. On the other hand, he also defended Christine Blasey Ford’s credibility during the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

It has been noted that Reade has far more evidence of what she alleged Biden did to her than Blasey Ford has against Kavanaugh. She told a variety of people, including her mother, that something had happened to her in then-Senator Biden’s office.

The latest piece of evidence concerns a court document when Reade’s now-former husband reverted to the incident a few years after it was alleged to have happened. The Hill reported on the matter.

“A 1996 court document obtained by the San Luis Obispo Tribune shows that Tara Reade, the former Senate aide who has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexual assault, told her ex-husband about “a problem she was having at work regarding sexual harassment in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office.”

The document does not mention Biden by name as the perpetrator nor does it contain any of the gory details of the alleged sexual assault. However, it is part of a drip-drip of evidence that adds up to a situation that does not bode well for the presumptive Democratic candidate for president.

Thus fat, supporters of Biden are split in how they are approaching the scandal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said flat out that she believes Biden and that the matter is “closed.” However, some have taken the position that they believe something happened between Reade and Biden but they are disposed to support the former vice president anyway. The idea is that defeating Donald Trump is so important that a little thing like sexual assault should not stand in the way.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading in the second direction, with an interesting caveat according to Hot Air.

“Ocasio-Cortez wants to play it a little cagier, it seems. While telling NPR that she still plans to vote for Biden, she also won’t endorse him for the moment. She wants Reade to get her story fully out first.”

Hot Air thinks that AOC is playing on the margins because she still hopes that the scandal may topple Biden, opening the way to her real favorite candidate, Bernie Sanders. Bernie has not been accused, thus far, of attacking any women. If the Democrats are still interested in pandering to the #MeToo crowd, Bernie, the second place in the delegate count, maybe their man.