Teachers Coaching Students in Secret Transgender Clubs in Middle School

StunningArt / shutterstock.com
StunningArt / shutterstock.com

This one is almost too much to believe…There was a report in October that claimed that teachers at a middle school in Salinas, California secretly recruited students into a pro-LGBT club. It was designed to be a “gender equality club,” and it was initiated without parental knowledge.

The teachers apparently indoctrinated students in the club into accepting progressive teachings on sexuality and transgender ideology. It was reported that teachers even went so far as to “coach” the students into changing their gender and gave advice on how to keep their new identity from their parents.

One couple, who were parents of a student in the school, was called into Buena Vista Middle School so that a teacher could tell them their 12-year-old daughter was now a boy. And when the father and mother refused to use the daughter’s preferred pronouns, the teacher called a public safety officer to be in the meeting.

Recently, parents were able to speak to the teachers publicly for the first time at a local school board meeting. The mother lashed out at the teachers for allegedly changing her daughter’s name, using the opposite gender pronouns when referring to their daughter, and changing school accounted with the parent’s knowledge. The parents said that the teachers helped to “transition” their daughter into a boy.

There was a video of this mother’s speech posted on TikTok saying that a California school reported coaching a 12-year old into a trans identity without parental knowledge. It said that the school changed the student’s name on accounts without notifying the parents.

The mother said, “You let these teachers come in and act as if they’ve done nothing wrong. A mistake? How long of a mistake, how many mistakes are we going to [make] before my child almost lost her life?” She went on to say that the school never told her and they allowed these teachers to open their classrooms to dangerous information for a young child. She said that the children in the classroom were mindful and not even able to comprehend it all.

“How do you not know what was going on your own campuses? Did you think that no parent would ever come forward? You will not quiet me today. I will stand here today and protect my child along with every other child who has not come forward yet,” the mother said with anger.

This parent reminded the school board that these teachers do not have a psychiatry degree. And they weren’t hired by the parents to “nitpick” her child’s brain. She declared that the teacher’s job was to educate her child in math, science, and English. And she told them to do their job and let her do her job.

She also made it clear that changing her child’s name on school documentation could pose a medical emergency if her file was needed and there was confusion over names and gender.

A male relative of the student also spoke at the school board meeting saying what the teachers did was “vile nonsense.” He pleaded for education to be grounded in truth and said that America needed God back in our schools. He summed up his speech by saying parents must be kept informed and the teachers should “resign or repent.”

Back in November, The Daily Wire reported on the secret transgender club in the California school. They wrote that the teachers admitted that they did not keep club rosters or records in case parents got upset. They could, then, say they didn’t know if the child came or did not come.

Is this just a one-off case, or is this going to be the way our education system is going? Parents are going to need to be vigilant.