Ted Cruz Wants the Money Slated for the Iran Nuclear Deal to Go to Dogs… Literally

There’s no shame in a person admitting they’re not enamored with their job. They didn’t choose it, but rather, it chose them. They may have been lured in by a salary and benefits package or they may have just needed a job.

Either way, they’re good old red-blooded taxpayers, and so shall they remain.

We know where some of our hijacked money ends up and good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, if you aren’t already, you’ll one day be getting a tiny smidgen of it back to live uncomfortably on until you die. “Murica…

But on the federal level, we’re clueless. We do know that some of it will go to foreign entities where it will no doubt one day come back to haunt us. Countries like Iran.

Even those with the common sense of a goose, or a Democrat, if you will, knows that paying a bully to not beat you up is extortion. It’s mafia stuff. But this is what the Iran Nuclear Deal is, or was, all about.

Understanding America’s long-standing noble position of never giving in to terrorists, Trump got us out of it. He also had the common sense to know how Iran was using our money to do exactly what we were paying them not to do.

Enter Barack Obama’s minion, Joe Biden. Biden, on behalf of his still reigning boss, is going to reinstate the deal. Or at least he’s going to try.

But not if a pistol-packing Texan by the name of Ted Cruz has any say in the matter. way. He has a different plan. And it’s a pretty darn good one.

Cruz introduced an amendment to the staggering budget bill that’s still being kicked around and argued about in the Senate. Instead of wiring the money they pinched from taxpayers to a country that hates us, let’s help our troops with it.

If passed, the money slated to fund the Iran Nuclear Deal would be diverted into the coffers of the U.S. Defense Department. The soldiers won’t see any of it, but their dogs will. Cruz said the funds should be reappropriated for canine medical care and training, inclusive of the ones already sniffing out bombs in war zones.

We’re talking $10 million which is currently earmarked in the budget bill for the State and Treasury Departments. The funds would be used for the nuclear plans reimplementation and the many forthcoming Biden administration sanctions waivers.

Cruz said we should give it to the dogs. And why not? It’s our money.

Though worthy on its own merit, the amendment has an ulterior motive. Its intent is to stop Biden from throwing away our tax money, and from funding the further rise of terrorism.

Trump kicked the plan to the curb in 2018 and since that time we haven’t heard a peep out of Iran. Why? Because they’re broke. They lost their Yankee sugar-daddy.

But Cruz is sincere about what the money should be used for. Military dogs require a high level of training, and their presence on battlefields have saved many lives.

Most of the dogs’ training takes place at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas. This is where they are also treated for injuries and rehabilitated by the base’s 341st Training Squadron.

A substantial number of the injured dogs are Iraq war veterans. Were it not for them, explosives being channeled by the Iranian regime to terrorist militia groups would have made their way through. Though some ultimately did, thanks to the dogs, many of them didn’t.

One can only guess that all of this taking place in Texas had something to do with Cruz’s amendment but who can blame him for that? It’s what his fellow cowpokes pay him to do.

But Cruz is just killing three birds with one stone. The vital canines get the necessary care and training they deserve and require to save lives, and American citizens won’t be forced to pay for a nuclear missile that could one day conceivably take out NYC, or your hometown, U.S.A.