Texas Governor Greg Abbott Clears the Air About the Uvalde Gunman

SevenMaps / shutterstock.com

Nothing ever goes down as we perceive it did. There’s always more to the story that certain types of people will dig and scratch to find. They’re performing a community service by revealing the truth we mere mortals haven’t the ability to see. Some call those things conspiracy theories, but we refer to them as … conspiracy theories.

While millions of overly predictable thoughts and prayers are ascending to heaven over the senseless killing of school children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas, overly predictable theories of the shooter being something more than an 18-year-old with mental health issues are making the rounds here on earth.

Not that this is highly unusual. All one needs to do is look at the aftermath of Sandy Hook, Parkland, the Orlando nightclub, and most recently, a grocery store in Buffalo. Self-proclaimed crime analysts immediately took things way further than they needed or should have gone.

Unfounded claims of the gunman in Uvalde being an illegal immigrant who was angry at the immigration system was the first one to appear, but that was a given. Then, he became a transgender who was pissed at the world for its lack of acceptance. 

The most horrific theory to this point has been that the shooting was staged by gun control advocates and it never really happened. The kids got up and walked away once the cameras quit rolling.

Jaime Longoria, director of research at the Disinfo Defense League, tried to sum up why this happens. “It’s a tactic that serves two purposes,” he said. “It avoids real conversation about the issue, and it gives people who don’t want to face reality a patsy, it gives them someone else to blame.” 

It’s the domino effect that spreads the false theories. A tweet on Twitter that’s been shared hundreds of times reads, “He was an illegal alien wanted for murder in El Salvador. This blood is on Biden’s hands and should have never happened.”

Not that Joe Biden doesn’t have plenty of the red sticky substance under his fingernails, but to dispel the rumor, not in this case. The 18-year-old manchild was Salvador Ramos who was verified by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as being a born and bred U.S. citizen who may not have ever even been to Mexico…or El Salvador.

Another tweet that Twitter has since deleted, showed an unidentified trans woman with a green bottle stuck in her mouth and headphones hanging off of one ear. The tweet read, ‘BREAKING NEWS; THE IDENTITY OF THE SHOOTER HAS BEEN REVEALED.” The user then claimed that the shooter had a Youtube channel called “FEMBOY.” 

As it turned out, the person in the photo was named Sabrina and she’s a 22-year-old trans woman who resides in New York City and has no Youtube account. And, she’s not Hispanic.

Authorities have yet to release any information pertaining to the gunman’s sexual gender identity because they didn’t feel it was necessary. He’s a straightforward male with no added or removed parts.

Authorities say that people begin these false accusations for either fun or to prove their superiority for seeing beyond the pale. Whatever their reasoning, be careful out there.