Texas Takes Steps to Save the Children by Reopening Baby Formula Plant

New Africa / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden has turned his back on the American people. He has embraced the idea that all illegals need to be taken care of first. The old man has taken it upon himself to remove all the baby formula and ship it to the southern border to feed the children of migrants. His action has led to a massive shortage of formula in stores. American parents with infants cannot find the food they need to feed their children.

Once again, the Republican Party is stepping up to the plate to care for America. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he will solve the problem that Biden has created. He is empowering the largest baby formula company to reopen one of its plants so it can produce a formula for infants in America.

The Daily Wire reported that “Abbott has ‘agreed to enter into a consent decree with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’ so they could take ‘the steps necessary to resume production and maintain the facility,’ the document stated. The report noted that production could get going again within two weeks, which would mean product would be available on merchant shelves in six to eight weeks.”

The shortage created by Biden will come to an end under the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott. The Texan governor is also working with a plant in Ireland to help boost production, which will help eliminate the shortage until the American-based facility gets up and producing.

Getting the plant up and running is to produce the food that small children need. The shortage is nationwide, and parents have found it next to impossible to find the formula they need for their kids.

Robert B. Ford, the chairman, and chief executive officer at Abbott, stated that “Our number one priority is getting infants and families the high-quality formulas they need. This is a major step toward reopening our Sturgis facility to ease the nationwide formula shortage. We look forward to working with the FDA to quickly and safely reopen the facility.”

Ford mentioned that their latest recall of formula added to the issue. The company had to shut down the plant Greg Abbott wants to reopen because several children got sick, and two kids died from ingesting the formula mixed at the plant.

According to NBC News, the Daily Wire found and reported that “Inspections by the Food and Drug Administration found the presence of Cronobacter sakazakii, a bacteria that causes blood infections. This extended shutdown led to catastrophic formula shortages nationwide, with one data firm estimating that 40% of formula brands were sold out.”

The Center for Disease Control also got involved and found no link between the illnesses and the plant where the formula was produced. The CDC also proved that the illnesses were not linked. They all came from different sources. Parents can rest knowing that the formula is safe for their infants to eat.

During the crisis, Joe Biden completely ignored the issue and even worsened it by shipping formula to the border. The president constantly looks for ways to put America last. As the president, he should be looking for ways to put America first. He is supposed to represent the people and not the illegals.

Biden’s focus is to keep Americans suffering. Each pallet the president shipped to the south was a pallet of food he stole from American families.

Nancy Pelosi has even jumped in on the issue and has taken the time to blast all of Biden’s critics. She maintains that the crisis is not related to Biden’s decision to ship formula to the south. She believes that illegals should come first, and Americans should be last.

Biden’s decision to feed the illegals may not have started the crisis, but it made it worse and proved that he does not care about Americans and the issues that they are facing. He is content to let prices climb and let shelves sit empty.

Governor Greg Abbott is stepping up and taking care of American families when Joe Biden refuses to do his job.