The Absurdity! Twitter Locks Trump’s Account Over Video Calling for Peace

Anyone who has been waiting for a reaction from Donald Trump about the protests that took place yesterday is in for a longer wait than expected. The White House called an early lid yesterday, sending the media home as quickly as possible.

Twitter then decided to make a big decision and do what Trump’s loved ones were unable to accomplish.

They finally took away his tweeting privileges.

We imagine that there was probably quite a tussle, as his aides tried their best to get him to stop talking. Not to worry, though. The ban that Twitter has imposed on Trump is only going to last for 12 hours.

That will be sure to show him who is boss, Jack!

Of course, there is a chance that the suspension could last for a longer period of time. If Trump is not willing to delete the tweets in question, he could face a much longer suspension period.

To make matters even worse for those who live for the entertainment that Trump provides on Twitter, he could even be suspended permanently if he’s not ready and willing to clean up his act.

This is the equivalent of giving a long, drawn-out lecture on the importance of fire safety after the building has already been torched. The proverbial horse has already made its way out of the barn, so to speak.

Now that officeholders are putting all kinds of pressure on social media sites to clean up the conservative leaders’ timelines and feeds, we are sure to see more of this.

Is that a good thing for our democracy? It is doubtful but only time will tell. Facebook and Twitter are already behaving like hall monitors. They are no longer interested in free speech.

These companies have now pivoted to making sure that their shareholders are kept happy. Biden and company are also going to be watching them closely, to make sure that Trump is silenced as much as possible over the next four years.

We are also willing to bet that he will be given the boot from Twitter once Biden has officially been sworn in. All they are doing at the moment is getting a nice little head start on that process.

Instead of making it seem like they waited until the literal last minute to care about what he says on their platform, they can pretend that they were on the “right” side of the conversation for the entire time.

While Twitter is quick to lock and delete accounts when things get out of hand, they are usually willing to make exceptions for world leaders. The implication here is a clear one.

Trump’s time is up, so Twitter will no longer allow him to continue using their platform. They reaped all of the benefits that came with letting him say what he wanted to and now they are trying their best to back away before its too late.

The end result here? We would expect Trump to take his posts to Parler going forward. It’s rapidly becoming the new go-to social media site for those who are looking to express conservative opinions without being subjected to the Twitter quote tweet mob. There’s just one problem there.

Trump lives to goad the media and on Parler? That’s not going to be an option. Twitter is also taking a major risk by letting this happen because it is sure to decrease their level of relevance.

Biden might be the president that they wanted because he is not as mean as the orange man but his tweets aren’t going to inspire the same amount of conversation. No one is sure what the impact is going to be here, especially as it relates to the media.

People aren’t really looking for his reactions on Facebook so it remains to be seen as to whether he would take his show on the road. Only time will tell!