The Democratic Plan for Midterms: I’ll Trade You Welfare for a Vote


We learned a long time ago that the Democrats don’t play fair. They’ll lie, cheat, and steal their way into office. And now, they have realized that the only way they can hold onto their majority through the 2022 midterm elections is to bribe the American people.

It’s hard to vote Democrat right now. After all, Democrats are the ones who put Biden into office. They’re the ones who have created a mockery of the U.S.

Nothing good has come out of the White House since Biden got into office. However, we’ve seen plenty go wrong.

A botched withdrawal out of Afghanistan.

Mask and vaccine mandates that take away our freedoms.

Illegal immigrants being released throughout the country.

Oh, yeah. The Democrats are doing a bang-up job with their majority in Congress. And let’s not forget that there is the tax and spend agenda that adds up to almost $5 trillion.

It’s all welfare spending. And if you don’t believe that, take a look at the details. It’s being referred to as “human infrastructure” since the administration decided to redefine the meaning of “infrastructure.”

Representative Juan Vargas, a Democrat out of California, has admitted that “It’s one that we shoot ourselves in the foot if we don’t pass it.” He knows that if he doesn’t pass it, he can’t dole out Welfare to the masses – and that means that he won’t have much to offer when it’s time to get reelected.

There’s plenty of items in the bills to help with welfare, too. There are such things as health care, paid leave, child care, subsidized housing, and even college tuition.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia explains “Passing both infrastructure and reconciliation are absolutely critical to Democrats maintaining a majority in the House and potentially in the Senate.” He goes on to say that it’s also what will define Biden’s first term as president as successful or not.

So, essentially, if the Democrats can’t pass the two bills, they cannot get elected again. That’s basically what they’re all admitting. They don’t know how to hold onto the majority if they cannot buy off Americans with various welfare spending packages.

It’s also a bit comical, especially when you hear Kaine refer to Biden’s success in terms of his “first term.” Yeah, as if the American people would actually let him get in a second term. There are countless bets around the nation to see if he’ll even make it through his first term. And considering that his polling numbers are practically in the negative, he’d never get reelected.

Elizabeth Warren makes a comment about how Democrats have talked for a long time about providing such things as health care and child care while also doing something about fighting climate change. She explains, “We made promises. We need to keep our promises.”

Maybe, just maybe, Democrats shouldn’t make promises that they know that they can’t keep. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice the entire health of the economy simply because the Democrats made a few promises knowing full well that there’s no way to pay for such promises.

Let’s be realistic. No party should get to buy their way into getting votes. Make promises that you know you can fulfill. Otherwise, don’t make promises at all.

Meanwhile, the Democrats may need to remember that there’s nothing in the American dream that says that the government will give you handouts. Work hard and the doors of opportunity will open. Those who are working hard don’t want to open the doors for those who would rather sit down and collect benefits from the government.