The Dems’ Priorities! De Blasio Sends Police to Break up Jewish Celebration but Orders Police to Stand Down for Violent Riots

New York City Jews were unfairly targeted by their socialist mayor on Monday, in an appalling act of favoritism. The Jewish community in New York City took to the streets to celebrate Sukkot. They were met with a heavy police presence and their celebration was broken up. This goes against a lot of ideas that the liberals have about their leadership.

These folks will insist that Donald Trump is a Nazi but he is not the one who is out here breaking up innocent Jewish celebrations. There’s nothing wrong with enforcing rules like these all of the time but that’s not how things tend to go. Mayor DeBlasio allowed rioters to have free reign all summer long.

So why is he deciding to crack down on a religious celebration? We are not sure what the motivation is here. The liberals he panders to are not going to be impressed. The conservatives that he has abandoned are not going to care and they are merely going to point out the hypocrisy that they have clearly noticed.

Black Lives Matter rioters have his full support but those who are merely trying to celebrate their religious affiliations do not. There has been a lot of speculation about who killed New York City and why they are responsible for its death. De Blasio is the murderer here. A cultural hub that used to hum all day and all night long is now a shell of itself.

The citizens who have elected De Blasio into power only have themselves to blame for what is taking place. They have allowed him to wield his power in the most convenient manner possible. Maybe these Jewish revelers should have simply claimed that they were only gathering so that they could smash up come cop cars.

At that point, De Blasio would have had no choice but to let them hang out and do their thing. They really played this one all wrong but it is not their fault. These Jewish residents simply overestimated their mayor. New York City has been experiencing a lot of that lately. After all, this is the same guy who thought that people would be impressed by his office staff working for free for a week.

The city is billions in the hole but De Blasio is going to save the day by forgoing one paycheck. Sure, the mayor’s staff accounts for over $800,000 in weekly salary but why ask questions? The performative nature of the mayor’s most recent announcements has not been lost on anyone who has been paying close attention lately.

Mayors like De Blasio seem to think that they can use the rioters as a shield from any sort of legitimate criticism. They are standing behind the rioters as a pure political ploy. You see, if anyone has a real critique about what is being done, they are simply referred to as a racist. It’s the way that the left has been doing things for some time now but this summer brought everything to a head.

The religious persecution that is taking place in this country is also tough to watch. Jewish and Christian citizens are not being given the chance to worship in the same manner that they have become accustomed to. All of the other stores are open but religious conservatives are being told that they still have to stay inside. It’s easy to see why so many of them are feeling upset these days.

You can go to Wal-Mart or Home Depot but you cannot head to a church service. These folks are being told that the economy is more important than their ability to worship. When the liberal mayors who are responsible for these policies start getting voted out on a regular basis, they are only going to have themselves to blame for their fate. They have already made their beds and now it is time to lie down in them.