The End of Freedom! Biden Admin and His Media Cronies Declare “Patriot” Is Hate Speech

When it comes to the far left, it feels as if they are getting easier and easier to offend. They weren’t exactly the most thick-skinned group to begin with, either. In recent times, the leftists are pushing things to absurd new heights as far as finding things to be offended about.

The American flag is now considered to be racist and so is the National Anthem. To make matters even worse, those who use the term “patriot” are believed to be members of hate groups who are only using the term as a way to speak in code. If you love your country to the fullest, you are at risk of being accused of using hate speech.

The left wonders why they are not taken seriously anymore and that’s because of silly ideas like this. What kind of rhetoric do you need to be pushing that makes half of the country feel ashamed for supporting their own? It’s hilarious when you stop to think about the fact that Biden sold himself as the great uniting force that this nation needed so desperately.

Biden made the mistake of directly pandering to people who hate America and now we are paying the price. They hate America so much that they cannot even hide it anymore. MSNBC tech reporter Dan Patterson is warning viewers about the supposed dangers and we are not pleased to see this type of nonsense on our airwaves.

Americans should be encouraged to come together and get to know one another, despite their political differences. This is something that is lost on the current administration. They talked a good game when Biden was first elected but it has all been lost on the sands of time now. There’s less than zero interest in coming together and everything is all about Biden’s wants.

Apparently, if you use the term “patriot”, you are considered to be one of the most dangerous Americans. As people who use this term frequently, we had no idea that we were in the crosshairs of the liberals. The Biden/Harris administration does not have any shame whatsoever. They are sending out their corporate stooges to say anything about the way of the world these days.

The saddest part of all is that the liberals happily go along with. We watch every day, lining up at the corporate trough. Whether it’s social media personalities who tell them exactly what they want to hear or television personalities who do the same, they have created quite the echo chamber for themselves.

When you create echo chambers, you are more likely to fall for silly logic like this. If you do not have anyone in your immediate circle who can tell you that this type of talk is stupid, you will only continue to spout off nonsensical gibberish. They have too yes men in their circles and no one is willing to take them to task and tell them just how off base they are.

Instead, they would rather continue to demonize their fellow Americans, treating them like they are citizens of a different country altogether. News flash: these are still your countrymen, whether you think that you are above them or not. That’s the lesson that so few of them have been able to learn and we wish that they would before it is too late.

You can’t continue to alienate everyone who does not think in the exact same manner as you forever. In case there is any confusion, we are here to tell everyone who is reading…..using the term “patriot” is not a form of hate speech. It is the way that Americans who truly love their country to speak to one another.

There’s no reason why it needs to become a dirty word. Anyone who is participating in this narrative ought to be ashamed of themselves but let’s be very honest here……these are not the type of people who know how to feel shame at all.