The Podium of Lies! Baghdad Psaki Claims Her Kindergartner Is Happy to Wear a Mask All Day

Jen Psaki, everyone. This is the woman who thinks that everyone should just go along with what she has to say, even when it is as deranged as humanly possible. It’s quite tiresome but it’s not like the liberals are going to stand up for themselves. They like getting bullied by this administration, don’t they?

What Psaki does not care about are all of the parents and children who do not agree with these types of assessments. There are plenty of children who do not like to wear masks and plenty of parents who do not need the White House to tell them how to do their job. Before we proceed, there is one thing that needs to be made abundantly clear, too.

No one is saying that masks need to be banned in schools. That’s not the problem at all. That would be an insane take to have on the situation. States like Florida are not banning masks, they are banning mask mandates. They want to give parents the chance to make their own decisions. Until we know for a fact that children are at increased risk of contracting the Delta variant, this is how things should be.

Let’s be honest here. We are all guilty of believing that our personal anecdotes mean far more than they actually do. We have done this in the past and all any of us can do as humans is recognize that. Psaki’s head is so far up her you know what that we are surprised she can even see the light of day.

To be fair, Democrats have been encouraged to govern with their heads up their keisters for some time now. That’s how the liberals like it. They do not care about any facts that go against their personal feelings. “I will tell you from personal experience my rising kindergartner told me two days ago she can wear a mask all day,” Psaki said. This is next-level lying.

The billion-dollar question that needs to be answered before school starts is a simple one: will children be exposed to the variants at a wide rate and if so, how dangerous will it be? There are pediatricians who are sounding the alarm bells, though. A New Orleans pediatric facility has seen admissions go from 0 to 20 in a matter of weeks. Tennessee’s health commissioner is issuing similar warnings.

She is expecting state pediatric hospitals to be filled soon. “Never in my career have I seen hospitals full in the summer,” she claims. Meanwhile, there is an 11 month old child in Texas who could not even receive treatment in a timely manner because all of the pediatric hospitals in the immediate area were full.

Parents are trapped in an impossible position. Children may not be getting hit any harder by the Delta variant but they seem to be far more likely to catch it. The fall and winter are especially problematic because children will be at increased risk for the Delta variant and the flu. NBC News has more:

“Many children’s hospitals get quite full during the usual winter months with influenza, RSV and other viral respiratory pathogens,” Anderson said. With an added surge of Covid-19, “there would be major concerns about hospital capacity.”

Kline agreed. “Children don’t have very many options when it comes to finding care if they have severe disease or complex medical conditions,” he said. “Covid is filling beds that otherwise might be occupied by children with other medical problems.”

None of this is convincing as far as mask mandates are concerned. “Anyone telling you that we can safely reopen our schools without requiring everyone inside to wear a mask is quite simply lying to you. Because we can’t,” New Jersey’s governor claims. There’s no proof to be found here. There is one deal to be made, though. If mask mandates are going to be taking place in blue states, can we at least have vaccine mandates for the teachers? Safety for the children comes first!