The Roe Leak is a Distraction…

Roman Motizov /

As you’ve likely heard, there’s been a significant leak from one of the most important cases in Supreme Court history – one that could very well overturn the legality of abortion in the United States. And while there is a reason for one side to leak such information in the hopes of swaying the High Court’s decision itself, there is another possibility.

And that is that it could be a distraction.

A distraction? From what?

Well, if you haven’t heard, a new movie also came out this week. It’s called “2,000 Mules” and basically exposes the truth that election fraud not only existed during the 2020 presidential election but quite literally rigged and stole it from former GOP President Donald Trump.

The political left had claimed that thanks to their influence in allowing more absentee ballots than ever before and a whole slew of other voting practices, that election was the “safest” and “most secure” election our nation has ever seen. And yet, there seem to be some rather major discrepancies.

You know, like the fact that in no less than five battleground states, Donald Trump was ahead by a whopping amount at midnight. Then, they all, at the same time, suddenly announced that their workers needed a break and were going to stop counting for the night – something that has never happened in our history. Strange, isn’t it?

And when we all woke up the next morning, Biden was somehow in the lead. The Democrats claim that a slew of ballots came in, and miraculously, all of them went to Biden. I mean, it really is a wonder, right?

Naturally, we all began to question it, particularly since no Republican witnesses could be found in any of the counting rooms.

Of course, the Democrats, with Big Tech and liberal-backed media on their side, quickly shut all of that down. They banned discussions that questioned any of it, canceled anyone with concerns, and booted those who didn’t agree from nearly all social media sites.

They say we don’t have proof. But that’s not exactly true either. Just like Hunter’s laptop, the evidence was more than there. They just didn’t allow any of us to see and realize it.

Talk about being in denial. And when those questions did come up, you know, by those they couldn’t just easily ignore or cut off, they defended themselves so mercilessly it begged even more questions.

This sadly reminds me of parenting a child who has done something they know to be wrong.

When you find out what they did, most of us want to offer our children the opportunity to fess up, realize their wrongs, and possibly even apologize for those. However, not all children easily give up the insistence that they didn’t do anything.

And so they get defensive. They get angry. And they do not like the idea of you snooping through things like their room, phone, etc., for proof. Of course, the Democrats didn’t either.

Another thing they do is point the finger at anyone but themselves. Sometimes, this is a simple blame game. And other times, it is an effort to completely distract from their wrongdoing. You know, things like Katie made me do it. Or even, well, did you know that Bobby did…?

I believe the latter instance is what this Supreme Court leak is meant to be.

I mean, why release such a thing, true or not, on the very eve of when a movie that, if most of America watches it, could ruin their already measly chances at keeping power come November? Besides, consider who is offended most by the leak: women voters, a demographic that tends to lean left but doesn’t always.

So rather than let them be convinced that the political left cheated and stole the election, let’s instead distract them all with a leaked document and opinion from the most controversial SCOTUS case of the decade… Did I mention that this is the first-ever SCOTUS leak in history? And on the day before an incriminating video is to be released.

Yep, it sounds fishy to me, too. Just like the 2020 elections…