The Sorry Sap Replacing Elijah Cummings Announced

The Democrats in the House finally found something that they can vote on. Carolyn Maloney will be the sorry sap to replace Elijah Cummings as the chairperson of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. Her words of acceptance are piercing pain into the ears of normal people.

She stated “I am deeply humbled and grateful to my colleagues for entrusting me with the chairmanship. I’m honored by this opportunity to do more for the American people and will do my best to follow the honorable example that Chairman Cummings left for us all. There’s much work to be done, and I can’t wait to get started.”

One can just hear the words of corruption pouring out of her mouth. She believes that there is so much that still needs to be done. What this means is that she is just going to continue the rant and the complaining that Cummings put the president through.

Instead of focusing on real reform and making things better in House she wants to continue investigating false claims about President Trump. She wants to continue down the path of Democratic destruction.

Pushy Pelosi stated that Maloney was a person that is a “deeply respected and battle-tested leader.” She believes that they are at war with the president.

She went on to say that “Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has been a force for progress in America for decades. At the helm of the Joint Economic Committee, she has honed a keen understanding of the priorities and needs of the American people and has worked tirelessly to deliver the progress that lifts families in every corner of America. She brings outstanding legislative experience and knowledge of the workings of the Congress that will strengthen the Oversight Committee’s work at this critical time in our nation’s history.”

The United States does not need another self-proclaimed advocate for what is right based on their feelings. What America needs is for the Democrats to take a backseat minority for the next four years. The Democrats are the reason why America has fallen behind in so many areas with the rest of the world. No other nations can take the country seriously because the Democrats are acting like clowns. When President Trump deals with the other nations of the world they love working with him.

Stupid Pelosi stated, “We are confident that Congresswoman Maloney’s leadership will help ensure that the Congress can function as our Founders intended, as a co-equal branch acting as a check and balance on the others, and that our Democratic Majority can continue to achieve progress For The People.”

Her words are well-chosen but still meaningless. The Democrats do not even know how the country was intended to work because they have denied and fought against the very principles that the nation was founded on.

Life and Liberty are not just words found on paper. They are the basis on which the was founded. The founding leaders were tired of the lack of respect for all life and treatment they were getting from an oppressive monarchy. So America was born.

The Democrats want to return the United States to the existence of slavery and oppression. They are the ones that they want to rule and collect all the money from the people. They want to be the kings and queens of the old time.

Pelosi said that “The Congress and the country were devastated by the loss of Chairman Elijah Cummings, a master of the House who led the Committee on Oversight and Reform with great honor, integrity, and principle.” Cummings’s death was tragic but his replacement is worse.

She is a person on a mission to destroy the people and the nation as a whole. She wants to attack President Trump and continue the terrorist legacy of Cummings. There is nothing that she can do that will bring down the president. There is nothing to be found that can be used to incriminate him because the president is an honest man that is trying to what is right for the people.