The Swamp Is Back! Biden Promotes Energy Company Owned by His Energy Secretary

Old Sleepy Joe is in the process of promoting an energy company called Proterra. This should not be a big deal under most circumstances but there is a major catch here. He wants to sell the United States on the infrastructure package that he has come up with. Of course, Biden cannot handle a plan of this nature without some corruption sneaking in.

It is probably going to surprise no one to learn that Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm is a major investor in the aforementioned energy company. Crony capitalism is back once again! We had missed it so much over the past few years!

Trump does whatever he can to drain the swamp and Biden is already restoring it. The Washington Free Beacon is here to provide further background on the initiative. “Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm owns up to $5 million in the electric battery and vehicle manufacturer President Joe Biden will promote on Tuesday as part of his push for a $1.9 trillion infrastructure bill.

Biden’s virtual visit to the electric battery producer Proterra comes days after Vice President Kamala Harris paid a visit to Thomas Built Buses, a North Carolina-based school bus company that counts Proterra as its main supplier of electric vehicles. The back-to-back White House visits to Granholm-connected companies risk at least the appearance of impropriety and demonstrate how lawmakers can use policy initiatives to pad their own wallets.

Biden’s infrastructure package includes a $174 billion investment in the electric vehicle market, calls for the replacement of “50,000 diesel transit vehicles” in favor of electric alternatives, and creates a Clean Buses for Kids program that will “electrify at least 20 percent of our yellow school bus fleet.”

Granholm has taken a leading role in the administration’s forthcoming infrastructure package. The president in February tasked her with “identifying risks in the supply chain for high-capacity batteries, including electric-vehicle batteries, and policy recommendations to address these risks.”

Okay, so maybe we are a bit out of our depth here but we have one simple question that has to be answered. Wouldn’t this be a major conflict of interests? As we expected, none of this is on the up and up. The Biden administration cannot keep the promises that they make and this is just the latest example.

“Granholm spent 5 years on Proterra’s board. On 1/16 she promised to “avoid any actual or apparent conflict of interest in the event that I am confirmed” She also pledged to sell her stocks which Biden’s White House confirmed to us she has not done,” Matthew Foldi shares.

That was not all, either. Foldi’s thread is a fascinating read, as it lays out all of the lying that is taking place right now. “Biden placed Granholm in charge of “identifying risks in the supply chain for high-capacity batteries, including electric-vehicle batteries, and policy recommendations to address these risks.” A key Proterra product? Electric-vehicle batteries.”

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? The liberal media has been strangely silent about this one, too. We know what they would have done if Trump was involved in such a scheme. We never would have heard the end of it. Trump would have been called the devil and every other name in the book.

If Biden and his team are responsible for such things, it is perfectly okay. The media loves to treat him with kid gloves because they view him as some feeble old man who is incapable of doing anything wrong. He might be a sleepy old man but that does not mean that he can’t empower the wrong people.

That is precisely what he has decided to do here. Biden is betting that the mainstream media will not be willing to intervene here. He’s probably correct about that one. All of the people who said that it was time to head back to brunch and stop paying attention to the world of politics were not kidding in the slightest.