The Threat of a Government Shutdown Looms Yet Again

Paul Brady Photography /
Paul Brady Photography /

It’s become obvious that the liberal Biden administration doesn’t really care about anyone but themselves. Government shutdowns are really no threat to anyone in the White House or Congress because they’ll continue to receive a paycheck.

But…what about everyone else? We have to be realistic about what could happen if a new budget doesn’t pass by December 3. It could mean that a significant number of government employees, including our nation’s military, are furloughed.

You really only hear about government shutdowns during Democratic administrations. When there’s a Republican president, budgets get passed on time. No one has to panic about getting furloughed…especially only weeks before Christmas.

Right now, we’re dealing with lawmakers on Capitol Hill needing to reach a stopgap budget measure by the end of the week. Otherwise, a shutdown will occur.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because this was a threat looming over the government back in October, too. They were able to avoid a shutdown at the very last minute because of passing a short-term budget extension. That extension runs out on December 3.

You would think that nearly eight weeks would have been plenty of time for the Democrats and Republicans to negotiate a full-year spending plan for fiscal year 2022. After all, it’s just like balancing a checkbook – you can’t spend more than you bring in. However, have you ever tried telling a Democrat that they can’t grow money on trees? They don’t understand why they can’t send the country’s finances into a tailspin…

If a budget bill isn’t passed, various government agencies will lose funding. Federal workers will be furloughed. Non-essential military activities will be halted. The government will come to a standstill.

This should sound like a top priority. We can’t just let our government shut down. But, we have people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who simply don’t care. They want what they want and they’re unwilling to negotiate. They still get paid during the shutdown, so what do they care if thousands of people are furloughed around the nation?

There is always the possibility that the politicians pass another temporary budget so that they have the proper time to deal with a budget. It could pass at any moment to give federal workers a sigh of relief…at least long enough to get everyone through the holidays.

The problem is this. We’re already two months into the new fiscal year and we don’t have a full operating budget. This is a serious issue, and while there are many GOP lawmakers who are actively working to get it resolved, there are just as many liberal lawmakers who want to stand in the way of progress because they are acting like petulant children.

Members of the Squad, including AOC and Ilhan Omar, want to beg for more money and complain when money is being distributed to necessary departments – like the military.

Time will tell as to whether we can get a budget passed in time to avoid a shutdown. It will likely be another stopgap measure, which means that in January or February, we could be dealing with yet another threat of a shutdown.

This truly highlights yet another failure of the Biden administration. Perhaps by the 2022 midterms, we can have a fully approved budget to get us through the fiscal year that will have just ended…