The United Kingdom Paving the Way for Liberal Censorship

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For decades now, Americans have been able to enjoy the freedom of speech the 1st Amendment provides us. No matter how much people might disagree with your viewpoints, you were free to express them. From expressing your belief that OJ was innocent, to opposing the science behind the COVID vaccine, to abortion being murder; all of it was protected under the 1st Amendment.

In recent years, people have taken to social media to share these views and a whole lot more. Things like Twitter and Facebook became personal diaries for many people. They would let their guard down and share some of their innermost thoughts. Unfortunately, with those thoughts came a lot of topics and opinions that people running things like Twitter and Facebook vehemently opposed. This means that they found themselves banned. In the case of former President Donald Trump, both Facebook and Twitter made a big public spectacle of removing his accounts.

As the courts ruled, these platforms are not considered public. As such, the owners can allow anyone they want or remove any user they no longer feel is worthy of having an account. This means repeated ‘offenses’ can easily get you removed from the platform and given the ever-changing rules many have lost their accounts over old postings.

These rules seem to change country by country as is evident in a recent landmark case in the United Kingdom. A 51-year-old woman named Tahra Ahmed is now finding herself facing 11 months in jail for her frequent postings of antisemitic conspiracy theories. While hate is ugly in any form, her choice to express it after events like 9/11, or the Grenfell Tower fire is horrific.

One of the most inflammatory posts comes from the tower fire. “I’ve been at the scene, at the protest and at the community meetings and have met many of the victims… some who were still in the same clothes they escaped in. They are very real and genuine, their pain and suffering is raw and deep and their disgusting neglect by authorities continues. Watch the footage of people trapped in the inferno with flames behind them. They were burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice.”

Her antisemitic posting of the 9/11 terror attacks being a Jewish conspiracy in connection with her positing about the Grenfell Tower fire was enough for the U.K. authorities to charge her with stirring up racial hatred by publishing written material. Her conviction and 11 months in jail now follow her trial at Old Bailey, England, and Wales’ Central Criminal Court.

During the trial prosecutor, Hugh French told jurors that two of her posts “crossed the line as to what is acceptable in a liberal society.” While this is the U.K. and they have very different standards and practices than we do here in the U.S., this should nonetheless be concerning for every American. Especially those of us who do not see eye to eye with the current progressive left mindset that is attempting to establish dominance in our country.

If a country like the United Kingdom can take the political writings of a free person and claim that they were hate-filled and stirring up racial hatred is absurd. They may be ugly viewpoints, but there is no attempt to invoke or encourage racist behavior. There is only poor wording and misguided views of the world. More importantly, these are her thoughts and to limit her words is horrific; no matter where she lives.

As the U.S. is heading deeper and deeper into the liberal mindset that has already plagued the U.K., we need to be prepared to take a stand. Their aggression will continue until they get challenged by free Americans. It may take something like the Freedom Convoy in Canada, but if allowed to continue unchecked, America is destined for laws like the UK. Aren’t their laws why we left in the first place?