They’re Back: ISIS Carrying Out Attacks Again

For years now, ISIS has been a thorn in the world’s side with conducting terrorist attacks all across the globe.  Recently, ISIS put out two attacks on the Iraqi border post and the other attack on the Syrian border.

American troops were ordered to divert their attention to protecting coalition forces and Iraqi bases after Iran retaliated attacking two Iraqi bases last week.  The focal point has been on Iran more than ISIS, and ISIS took advantage of the situation.

The attacks happened Monday, and one officer was killed while four others were wounded.  While security forces fought with the ISIS militants, one ISIS member was also killed.

When ISIS strikes, they are more dangerous with their smaller scale strikes than they are with a full-blown attack.  They choose their targets wisely, becoming the menace to the society they are by stirring up terror.  Just the day before, they tried to attack another Iraqi security post but abandoned their mission after return fire was given by the security forces on the scene.

Iraqi military Col. Shaker al-Raishawi stated, “ISIS group is well known for exploiting the situation. We knew the group will take advantage of current tension between America and Iran.”  Al-Raishawi, along with an Iraqi security official, told reporters, “ISIS has increased its activity in the border area.”

What ISIS is seeing in the situation is Iraq wants America to withdraw troops from their region.  In the position they are facing, they want to handle the job on their own, and they feel America is drawing these target attacks from Iran and ISIS.  This is why President Trump wanted to remove the troops from the Middle East conflicts.

With Iran misbehaving and not following the policies from the 2015 nuclear agreement, they are the ones America had its sights set on.  When Soleimani was killed in the drone attack by American forces, the head of the snake was cut off, and the turmoil was unleashed.  There was no way America was going to pack up and leave.

ISIS must not have been listening to President Trump when he told Iraq that the only way they were going to leave was if Iraq paid back America for all the bases through sanctions.  It was our troops and our equipment, which was set up over there, and there was no way we are just going to hand it over to them.

ISIS is waiting for America to leave so they can try and regain grounds.  As they are waiting, many feel it is a way to stir up conflict among the nations within the region.  They have obviously not put enough thought into their attacks because the more they make these small attacks, the longer American troops will have to stay.

Attacks such as these, America only has to protect its own interests and not so much the surrounding nations.  It is the only way a strategy can be set in place for any withdrawal.  As President Trump has already stated, we are not over there to police the world.

Over the last 18 years, there has been no exit strategy put into place.  President Trump was the closest to stopping the “endless wars” until Iran rose up and counterattacked in a tit for tat manner.  All ISIS did was make the situation worse.

Since most of America’s job has been done in the Middle East by taking out some of the world’s most hateful terrorists under Trump’s orders, ISIS may be making the statement, the remnants of the terror group are still thriving.  A U.S. official stated it was still uncertain whether or not American troops will pull out of Iraq.

The U.S.-led military coalition has been fighting off the remnants of ISIS while in the Middle East.  For the most part, ISIS has crumbled.  However, it does not mean they do not pose any threats.  Roadside bombs and attacks like these last two always seem to pop up.  There is no doubt ISIS will move in after the American troops leave the region. Still, it is time Iraq and the surrounding nations handle their own affairs.

One coalition official stated, “We remain resolute as partners of the Government of Iraq and the Iraqi people that have welcomed us into their country to help defeat ISIS. We remain ready to return our full attention and efforts back to our shared goal of ensuring the lasting defeat of Daesh.”  It is highly unlikely America will depart anytime soon.