Think COVID is Over? Tell That to the Biden Administration

Michael Vi /

When’s the last time you heard someone say that they got COVID? How often do you hear about people being admitted to the hospital over COVID, especially if they’ve been vaccinated?

The reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic is waning. Yet, the Biden administration hates to hear that because they are losing control.

People are walking around without masks. They’re not social distancing anymore. And they’re not lined up to get booster shots from Moderna or Pfizer.

Americans have chosen to move forward and put COVID as a distant memory. Most people don’t even own a mask anymore. They were tossed the moment that their state lifted the mask mandate or when the travel mask mandates were finally lifted.

Unless you’re walking into a doctor’s office, you’re likely not asked to wear a mask. You’re free. And it feels amazing.

The Biden administration could let well enough alone and let people enjoy their freedom. However, we know that’s not going to happen.

It’s very possible that we may be forced to wear masks once again when we travel. And this is all because the federal government didn’t like losing control to a judge that was appointed by former President Donald Trump.

We already know that U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle is a hero. She’s the one in Florida who ruled that the CDC’s national mask mandate was unlawful because it exceeded the authority of U.S. health officials. In her 59-page decision, she wrote that “A limited remedy would be no remedy at all.”

The Department of Justice has been in a legal battle to reinstate the CDC’s mask mandate for travel. They believe that the CDC is operating within its purview to create the mandate.

Here’s the thing, though – you can still wear a mask. If you don’t feel safe traveling without a mask, no one is telling you that you can’t.

Further, since people have been able to breathe freely on trains, plains, and buses around the country, it’s not as if the COVID numbers have skyrocketed. There aren’t mass people dying.

The DOJ is instituting a terrifying argument. They claim that doctors “have been wearing medical-grade N95 or surgical masks…during surgeries or patient interactions as part of their daily routines, for many decades.”

Do they think that what’s performed in an operating room is similar to sitting on a plane? Or do they want to use this argument to require that we wear masks as part of our daily routines, just as doctors do? Either way, it’s dangerous territory to lead the nation into as no one wants to be suffocated, especially on flights that last a few hours or more.

The Eleventh Circuit out of Georgia will be the one ruling on this – and there’s no telling which way they’ll go since they have ruled both liberally and conservatively in the past. Many call it the toss-up court because of the inconsistency in rulings.

There have been countless lawsuits around the nation to say that the CDC has been overreaching and that there’s no need to impose a mask mandate on travel. After all, mask mandates have been lifted everywhere – why is it necessary to still wear a mask while traveling?

We have to cross our fingers and hope that the Eleventh Circuit court rules in favor of over 21 states that have submitted lawsuits.

Biden and his administration have been overreaching for over a year now. It’s time that the mandates come to an end once and for all.