This Is Crazy! Biden Admin Announces Nonsensical After-Vaccine Rules – You Can Take Of Your Masks at Home After You’re Vaccinated, but Only at Home

When the CDC guidelines are updated, we are deeply cynical about who is going to listen to them and why they would even take them seriously. The CDC has not handled the pandemic well. It’s easy to see why people would be ready to ignore their warnings. The elites are the only ones who have an investment in what these jokers have to say.

Unfortunately, elite opinion has a way of trickling down, even when we do not expect it to. Over 25 million Americans have received both doses but the media does not seem ready to talk about the social benefits of the vaccines. Perhaps they are worried about causing people to relax their pandemic precautions before vaccines are more widespread?

That’s why the latest CDC guidance is such a big deal. “CDC expected to soon advise fully vaccinated people that they can gather unmasked in small groups indoors, per @carolelee and @erikaedwardsnbc, so the FOMO situation will get worse before it gets better,” Benjy Sarlin tweeted recently. Once this becomes official, you are going to see the restrictions eased.

We think that this pivot is a good idea. People are more likely to suck it up and get the shot if they know that they are going to be able to see their friends and loved ones again afterward. If people are led to believe that their day-to-day existence won’t be affected in a positive way by getting the shot, what’s their motivation to do so?

Dr. Fauci has already given something of an unofficial announcement about this matter. He can tell CNN whatever he wants but that is not going to change anything. The official announcements have to come from the CDC and this day would appear to be coming very soon, according to the good folks over at Politico.

“The CDC guidance, which could be released as early as Thursday, will include recommendations that Americans limit their social interactions to small gatherings in the home with other fully vaccinated individuals, wear masks in public and adhere to other public-health measures such as social distancing for the foreseeable future…

The document will include a series of scenarios for Americans to consider, including where they socialize, with whom they can socialize with and what to consider when making plans. It will also include a section on travel…

“I use the example of a daughter coming in from out of town who is doubly vaccinated, and a husband and wife doubly vaccinated, and maybe a next-door neighbor who you know are doubly vaccinated,” Fauci said. “Small gatherings in the home of people, I think you can clearly feel that the risk — the relative risk is so low that you would not have to wear a mask, that you could have a good social gathering within the home,” Politico shared.

Experts are clearly worried about one issue right now, more so than any others. Vaccinated people are not in the clear when it comes to infecting others. Sure, those who have been vaccinated can hang out inside with their masks off but that does not keep anyone else safe. Data suggests that those who are vaccinated are far less contagious than they would be normally but that does not mean that the risk is removed entirely.

Scientists worry about citizens exposing themselves in an unnecessary manner, especially since we are already in the stretch run. 25 million vaccinations is helpful but in a country of over 300 million people, we still have a long way to go. Pandemic fatigue is very real and scientists fret over people relaxing their restrictions before it is time to do so.

Now that states are rushing to reopen, we could be in for another repeat of the massive summer wave that took place last year. Right now, we are in a cat and mouse game. It’s clear as day to see that re-openings could more easily take place in a month or two, so we are not sure why states are rushing into it. Sadly, all CDC advice is going to be graded on a curve at the moment. Hopefully, the resulting socialization does not allow the virus variants to gain a foothold.